Basic Kitchen Utencils for a Starter Kitchen.

Good Knives are a Necessity. 
IF I were  to start from scratch, say I lost all of my "Stuff" these are the basic things I would want to purchase first to start my kitchen, and why.

1 good chefs knife
1 good paring knife
1 good peeler
1 cutting board

Because I use these things every single day.  Invest in good sharp knives and they will last.

1 set of measuring cups graduated sizes for dry ingredients
1 glass liquid measuring cup 2 C. size
1 set of graduated measuring spoons
medium size sieve 6" across the opening
1 whisk
1 spatula offset
1 rubber scraper
1 large wooden spoon
1 pancake turner
1 hand citrus reamer
1 plane style grater
mixing bowls in graduated sizes 2 or 3
rolling pin
fork or pastry cutter
biscuit cutter and cookie cutters

1 electric mixer, stand preferable but I managed for years with a portable.

2 heavy bottomed cookie sheets
9" x13" baking pan
2,  8" or 9" round cake pans
1,  5" x 9" loaf pan
muffin tin
1,  8" or 9" spring form pan
angel food cake pan
1,  9" pie plate
1 baking stone
2 hot pads, an oven mitt, and a trivet or two

Because I can't think of anything I couldn't bake with these supplies.

1 cast iron dutch oven with lid
1 heavy bottomed skillet (may be cast iron)
1, 3 qt. heavy bottomed sauce pan w/lid
1 large stock pot
1 small heavy bottomed sauce pan
2 or 3 assorted glass baking and casserole dishes

Again, I can"t think of anything I couldn't do with these supplies.  I would always be sure to have handles that would endure heat as they could also be placed in a hot oven if need be.

Cooling racks, parchment paper, waxed paper, foil, and plastic wrap would also be helpful.

These items are the basics to start with and would suffice to cook for a starting couple or for up to a family of 4 or 5.

Additional items can be added as needed.  These are the basics you need to get started in my opinion.

Some single items or a combination of some of the above would make a nice shower gift.

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