Suggested Freezer Storage Times

The first selection is for freezer wrapped frozen meat storage a 0 degrees F.:

Beef:  Roasts, steaks    12-14 months
          Cubed, small pieces   10-12 months
          Ground  8 months

Veal:  Roasts, chops  10-12 months
          Thin cutlets, cubes   8-10 months
           Ground  6  months

Lamb:  Roasts, chops  12-14  months
            Cubes  10-12 months
            Ground  8 months

Pork:  Roasts, chops  6-12 months
           Ground, sausage  4 months
           Ham smoked  5-7 months
           Bacon  3 months

Variety Meats:  Beef or lamb liver or heart  4  months
                         Veal liver or heart  3 months
                         Pork liver or heart 2  months
                         Tongue  4 months
                         Kidneys  3 months
                         Sweetbreads  1 month
                         Brains  1 month
                         Oxtails  4 months
                         Tripe  1 month

Spiced Sausage or Delicatessen Meats 2-3 months

Maximum  Storage for Breads, Rolls, ETC.:

Bread dough, yeast, unbaked  2 weeks
           fully baked  12 months
           rolls unbaked  2 weeks
                   half baked 12 months
                   fully baked  12-15 months

Muffins, unbaked  2 weeks
               baked  3 months

Waffle and pancake batter  2-4 weeks
Waffles and pancakes  6 months

Cakes unbaked  6 months
           baked  12 months
           angel or sponge baked 6 months

Cookies unbaked  6-8 months
              baked 12 months

Pies unbaked  4 months
       fruit baked 6-8 months
       pumpkin or squash unbaked 4 months
       cream or custard unbaked 1 month
       cream or custard baked  4 months

Much of this information was gleaned from a book my Grandmother gave me in 1975 published by the Dubois County Extension Homemakers.


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