Helpful Hints for Scrubbing the Bathtub and other Bathroom Hints!!!

Do you just hate to get down on your knees and scrub the bathtub???  Well I do!!!  First I am getting to old and my knees "creek" and second it is just no fun!!

Some years ago I got the idea it would work just fine to use a broom to stand and scrub and it does work beautifully!!  Not a synthetic broom,  an old style corn broom with those stiff yet pliable stick like  bristles.  Anyway I just put the shower head on with good old fashioned hot water, shut it back off and douse with whatever cleaner I am using (I like the soft scrub type.) then use the broom to scrub away.

Just rinse well and not only is the tub clean but your broom is too.

Occasionally, (Maybe once a year just for good measure.)  I will still get down and do the scrub by hand down on my knees thing but in all of the in between times the broom is my best friend.

My other best friends in the bathroom are Clorox bleach and rubbing alcohol.  I always pour about a cup of bleach in the toilet bowl to disinfect and whiten.  It works beautifully and is inexpensive.  You can use more and let it stand longer if you need too.  BE SURE TO CLOSE THE LID IF YOU HAVE PETS IN YOUR HOME.  If a pet were to drink the bleach laden water it would prove to be a tragedy.

Rubbing alcohol is a wonderful glass cleaner and it does not streak.  I learned this from the commercial cleaning crew at Lazarus when I worked in the furniture department.  There were large glass walls and the cleaning people were up cleaning.  It was their secret weapon.  Since then I have used rubbing alcohol on every glass surface in my house.  If you have old newspapers they are perfect to dry the glass.  It does not streak.

Rubbing alcohol is also perfect to give the toothbrushes a quick dip into to disinfect them.  I just pour a small amount over the bristles into a glass container.  Then rinse and air dry.  Just toss the used alcohol into the commode and it does double duty!!  This is another inexpensive practice.

This is my routine of quick and easy bathroom cleaning.  If you have any tips I would love to know them.  Please post them in the comments section because this old dog just loves to learn from the tips of others.

While I am here I want to add that I use those little plastic produce bags you get at the grocery to line the small trash container that sits along side the toilet in the bathrooms.  Rather than to throw them out I remove the tomatoes or whatever I have purchased and save the lightweight but tough little bags.  I have never had one tear or brake, I don't have to handle the trash, and I don't have to buy anything to use.

I just pull the bag up and knot the open end and replace it with the next one from my larder.  Easy as pie and the price is right.

I also save decorative tins and use the larger ones for trash cans and line them too with appropriately sized grocery sacks.  A penny saved is indeed a penny earned in today's world.

PS:  Your bar soap will last a lot longer if you remove the bars from their boxes and set them out in a basket or such.  The air will harden them which enables them to last longer.  It will also make the bathroom smell nice depending on what soaps you purchase.  


Bo Tolbert said...

This is great, Diane! I never imagined that rubbing alcohol can be used as a glass cleaner! Thanks for sharing it! Anyway, I make use of baking soda for whitening the toilet bowl and sink. Unlike others, I don’t mix it with other chemicals, such as vinegar, as it will only neutralize the composition of sodium bicarbonate. I just dust it on the area that badly needs to be restored and scrub it as is.

Bo Tolbert

Jessica Davies said...

Is it possible? That rubbing alcohol can be used as a glass cleaner.

Bachtiar Effendy said...

I came across your blog, it is really nice informative.

Diane Cosby said...

Love your tips and comments! Thank you all for sharing. Diane

Steve Berke said...

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klotylda said...

Great tip, I will definitely try it next Saturday when cleaning. Anyway, I've been browsing through bathroom designs catalogues lately and I can't wait for my improvement coming soon!