Quilting Inspiration and More Helpful Hints

This is a square quilted by Grandma Powell.
This morning I spent time becoming quite inspired!  I was fortunate to be able to see first hand the beautiful quilts and super organized quilting and sewing room of my best friend's Mother!  I was so inspired by her color combinations.  They were all so sunny and happy yet unlike many I have seen!  She also used blocks of quilting fabric remnants sewn together for the backings to make almost what looks to be reversible quilts!  Awesome ideas.  She showed me how she makes her quilts in three sections and then how she joins them together.  It was a lovely and fun morning that I so appreciated!
Thank you Diane and Mrs. B.!

I have also invited a neighborhood friend who quilts using a quilting frame next week to see if we can get one of my frames put together.  Perhaps she will share some of her ways and I will be even more inspired! Excited to have you Cindy F.!

I also have come across some really, in my opinion helpful Household Hints.  I am only sharing the ones I really like and will use.  If you would like to read more I have not included they are found at

Here are my favorite NEW HELPFUL HINTS:

Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallows. (I like this idea way better than stale bread!)

Create a thrifty watering can by punching holes in the top of a used plastic milk jug. (Thrifty idea.)

Cover paint trays with aluminium foil for faster clean up.(I have done this and it is well worth the effort.)

Use a large muffin pan to bake stuffed peppers in the oven--it will keep them upright. (I will try this very soon!)

To keep potatoes from budding place an apple in the bag. (I am doing this today.)

Add a half teaspoon of baking soda to the water when boiling eggs to make the shells incredibly easy to peel off.  (Love this one.)

Use cooking spray in votive candle holders to pevent the wax from sticking to the sides.

WD40 can be used to remove crayon marks from any surface. (I must remember to tell son Chris about this one.)

When hanging a picture frame, put a dab of toothpaste on the frame where you want the nails to be.  Then press against the wall to leave marks which can late be wiped after being guides for the nails! (GREAT IDEA.)

Sprinkle salt in the spaces between patio slabs and at the bottom of walls to get rid of weeds.  Be careful NOT to get the salt near what you want to keep as it will kill your flowers too. (Love this one.)


Paula Deen's Make a Fresh Peach Pie and 2 Peach Fillings to Freeze.

Fresh Peach Pie, YUM.
This is a "Why didn't I think of that moment!"  Yesterday while visiting my favorite sewing/quilting blog I read a comment made about having tried Paula Deen's frozen peach pie filling recipe, which peeked my interest.  I Googled above topic and found her site which gave her recipe using a peck of fresh peaches and making 1 fresh pie and 3 disks of peach pie filling to freeze.  OH THE NOVELTY OF THIS!  What a great idea and the technique could be applied to many fruit fillings I would think.

I have adapted Paula's recipe to utilize the quantity of fresh peaches I had on hand as well as to my normal recipe ingredients.  But it is certain it was HER IDEA, not mine and a good one at that!  Her recipe held a 5 star rating out of 38 reviews which also tells the tale!  As any home cook will tell you  it is just as easy to mess up the kitchen for 3 or 4 pies as it is for 1 plus freezing the filling in foil and plastic wrapped disks that is ready to bake is just a wonderful idea.

Ingredients for a Fresh Peach Pie and 2 Fillings to Freeze:

10-12 C. peeled and sliced fresh peaches, 20-24 peaches
2 T. butter to top each pie before baking
1 t. salt
juice of 3-4 fresh lemons
5-6 T. instant tapioca
2 C. sugar + 2 T. for sprinkling top crust
2 t. Fruit Fresh (ascorbic acid)
1 t. cinnamon
1 T. vanilla extract
pastry for 2 unbaked pie crusts, one top and one bottom

NOTE:  Peaches vary in size and if they are "free stone" so the recipe may vary and need to be adapted per the amount of sliced peaches netted from peeling, slicing, and removing the pits.

Peeling and preparing the peaches:  Bring a large kettle of water to a rolling boil and prepare a large bowl with ice and cold water.  Drop 7-8 peaches into the boiling water and return to the boiling point. Time for 1-1/2 minutes depending on the size and ripeness of the fruit.  Use a slotted spoon and remove the peaches to the ice water bath.   The peels should easily slip off.  If not return to the boil an additional 30-60 seconds and test again.

Squeeze the juice of 3-4 fresh lemons into the bottom of a large bowl.  Place the prepared peaches into the bowl of juice as you prepare them.  Mix well as you go to retard darkening the fruit.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.  Line 2 nine inch pie plates with wide heavy duty foil then line again with plastic wrap.  I use 2 sheets of plastic wrap placed as a cross across the foil lined plate.

Sprinkle the Fruit Fresh and sugar into the peaches and stir well.   Add the remaining ingredients and mix together until distributed evenly.  Place 3-4 cups of the filling into each of the two foil and plastic lined pie plates.

Roll and place half of the pastry into a 9" pie plate.  Roll the second half of the pastry and cut slits into it for the steam to escape.  Place 3-4 cups of the filling into the prepared pastry lined plate.  Dot with butter and top with the rolled pastry.

Crimp the edges and trim.  Sprinkle with sugar.  I usually place the unbaked pie on a half sheet pan lined with foil to catch any boil over mess!

Bake on the preheated oven for 50-60 minutes.

Meanwhile fold the plastic wrap in over the filling.  Then fold the foil in over the plastic and place the pie plate with the disk of filling into the freezer.

Freeze overnight then remove the pie plate and push the wrapping tighter.  Label and store for another days pie.

Enjoy.  Paula directed that you in using the frozen fillings place a frozen filling directly into the 9" pie plate without a bottom crust and then to top with a single crust and bake 1 hour.  I haven't tried this yet but it seems reasonable.

To find Paula Deen's recipe I Googled Paula Deen's Peach Pie Recipe.


Sew a "Glam" Metallic Knit Infinity or Circle Scarf in Under an Hour, Easy Directions with Pictures

 Silver Grey Metallic Knit Infinity Scarf Made in Under an Hour.
Somehow time slips away from me and I find myself way behind again in my sewing for gift giving!  There are wedding gifts to be made, another baby gift is on the horizon, and there is a family birthday this weekend.  Not to mention Christmas will be here before you know it!

A pretty box, tissue paper, and a silk ribbon are a good start for gift giving.
I really enjoy making the scarves for gifts and giving them along with a gift card or a little cash!  I look for pretty boxes that can be kept and used to package the gift in too. 

Instructions for Making a Metallic Knit Infinity or Circle Scarf:

Beautiful fabrics make beautiful one of a kind scarves.
Metallic Knit lightweight fabric 60" x 14"
matching thread

Press and straighten the fabric.  Fold in half longways with the right sides inside facing each other.   Note:  My fabric wanted to roll a bit and so pressing was most helpful.

Sewing the long seam closed.
Pin the raw long edge together and machine stitch 3/8" from the raw edge.  When sewing lightweight fabrics it is sometimes very helpful to loosen the tension on your sewing machine to prevent puckering.  It is also helpful to use a stitch conducive to knit fabrics so the thread will have a bit of give to it.

I love this part when you turn the scarf!
Turn the scarf right side out.  Next pin the raw edge of each end under 3/8" to form a nice finished edge to the scarf ends.  Pressing may indeed help here too.

With the folds together forming a tube hand stitch to finish.
I like to sew this last part by hand as it really gives the scarf that hand made just for you essence!  So, join the two folded edged together to form the tube and overcast the edges with a small nearly invisible stitch.

This will be so much nicer when worn!
And there you have it a beautiful, original, one of a kind, made with love and care Infinity Scarf to give someone you care for in under an hour!