Quilt Number Three Starts Today, A Weekend Guest and a Cherry Pie in the Oven.

Starting inherited pieced quilt #3 .
Guess with the cooler weather and the leaves turning I have the "bug" to sew.  No sooner than I had the second quilt finished and on the bed to admire than the tape measure was in hand measuring number three for backing, 6 1/2' by 7 1/2'.   Again, this was pieced by three generations of my late first husband's family and recently given to me. 

This morning I caught up all of the mending as Brian was off on errands, rolled out pie pastry for a cherry pie, and mixed up the filling from the cherries the Saltzman's shared with us.  (I sure wish I had thought of making the cherry pie filling and freezing it in foil and plastic lined pie plates as I have done with the peaches and apples!)

Cherries frozen in the spring make a great pie filling now.
I love making the French Pie Pastry in the food processor.  It is the best ever, fast, and the dough handles beautifully.  I keep 2 sticks of butter dices up in the freezer just to make it up anytime!  Here are the links to my new favorite pastry and for making a fresh cherry pie.  I hope you are fortunate enough to make one real soon!

Four names with dates of birth are embroidered in one corner of this hand pieced quilt top.
At any rate I traced the names and have started embroidering them onto a corner of the "new" quilt top this morning.  This is fun too!  It will keep my occupied until I get to town to purchase fabric for the backing and a spool of yellow quilting thread I need to repair a quilt Brian's Grandma Ruby made.

It is good I am so easily entertained!

Monday Morning:  It was a lovely weekend and I managed to finish the embroidery as well as have a family dinner and a lot of fun.  I expect it may take me months to do this particular quilt as I plan to hand quilt it.  There are several other projects I plan to sprinkle in as I go to keep things interesting.


Parting Thoughts as this Quilt is Finished. How I stop to rethread and how I start again. A look at corners and the underside.

Last night when Brian came home I was down to the last six inches and he was happy to let me finish this quilt before supper.  Of course he was pleased to see a new batch of cookies too!  These are a repeat of the Cinnamon Crisp Monster Cookies and bake for 18 minutes which worked in well with this sewing project!

You bake them by 1/4th cup mounds and they yield 24 "monster" cookies!  I am sharing the link back to the recipe above.

I really like the way the corners turned out,  I think it very nice. I also like the appearance of the underside of the finished quilt.

To finish this way I use a very large needle and of course the lovely alpaca yarn.  I want to share with you how I finish a line of thread and start again and hide having done so!

This is more or less a darning needle.
When down to 3-4" of thread I pierce back into the last stitch to end.
After pulling through do not pull tight but insert the needle back through the loop then pull taught. Repeat this again.
Next I bury the thread by inserting the needle and running it back 1-2" then back out through the top.
Here you can see the needle going in then the tip coming out an inch back.
Now I clip the thread.
To start again after re-threading my needle with yarn I take the following steps to hide where I am starting.
After threading the needle tie a knot in the end and trim.
Open a stitch about 1/2"  to 1"in front of the ending knot.
Insert the needle and push it back between the layers of fabric and up at the ending knot.
Pull the thread gently through.
When the knot gets to the stitch you have coaxed open work it down between the layers and pull taut.
Now you are ready to start again.


Tutorial, Hand Work, How to Make the Antwerp or Knotted Blanket Stitch

I love learning new hand stitching techniques!  This is one I am particularly fond of.  It is my second attempt to master it and as with so many things I was making it harder than it is!  I like anything with the blanket stitches worked into it and the Antwerp is a variation and is also known as the Knotted Blanket Stitch.

I am half way around the vintage quilt now and thought I would take a break and share this.  I am really enjoying this a great deal.  It is a chilly, cloudy, rainy, and rather bleak day but my tea kettle is warm and Molly is here on guard as always as I stitch happily away!

Start from the bottom folded edge and hide your beginning knot. Then pierce the needle through all layers about 1/4" above the fold and bring it down on top of the loop.
This is how it should look as you pull the needle through.
Now pierce the needle back front to back through the bottom of the taught lower portion of the loop.
Next bring the loose end of the thread or yarn first beneath the needle than over and across the front.
Gently but firmly pull until the knot tightens.
Repeat the next stitch.
I  try to hide my knots starting and finishing by pulling them into where I over cast stitched and closed the front and back fabric of the quilt.  This is a stitch that is also used as a decorative edging.  I like it because it presents itself and not only attractive but quite durable and long lasting.