Cleaning Painted Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning our 27 year old patio rocking chairs, table and a swing.
This past week I started cleaning our white painted wood outdoor furniture, a dreary task.  Only slightly better than power scrubbing or painting it again I supposed would be to scrub it down with water, a brush, and soft scrub.

I have never tried this before but I love soft scrub for so many things.  I thought, Why not? 
The bottom is our swing untreated and the top is as I scrub.

So off I went with a little pail of H2O, a small long handled brush, and the soft scrub.  First I wet down a section then squiggle out a bit of the scrub and then go at it with a bit of elbow grease.  Mostly I just brush at it as it works like a dream.  It did not take off the paint.  It turned a beautiful white and I am very happy.  I just wet, scrub , and rinse with the hose.

Back of the swing after rinsing off with the hose.
Our patio is quite shaded as we are in a woods like setting.  Black dirt and a bit of moss or mold, I can't tell which accumulate over the winter months on the furniture as we leave it out year around.  It has lasted beautifully and we have had it for about 27 years!!  It was built of treated lumber and we scrub it down every year and paint it as needed,

This will be how I do it again and again it really was a fast, and easy cure.


P.j. said...

Sounds like you found the Easy Button for this job! Just wish they made one for all the projects we still have ahead.

0s0-Pa said...

Those kind of look like my teak chairs (after they were cleaned). Nicely done!

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