Antique Silver Condiment Server, Another "Find"

Silver "treasure" after polishing.    
Last night Mike came by with another box from Grandma Powell.  This time I was tickled to see this lovely antique silver condiment server.  Brian's Mother Mary Lou had always kept one on a side table in her dining room that I had admired and this was just another lovely surprise.  As soon as I had it unpacked this morning I called to thank her for another treasure.  It is not often you find one without damage and that has all of the pieces intact so I was especially tickled to find it is in such good shape!  I was excited to dig out the silver polish if you can believe that!

"Treasure "before" polishing up!
Shortly after that, when I finished the other chores I had planned for this morning, I polished this up and looked for it a home in my dining room.  Not sure yet just where it will stay but I am certainly happy to have it.


Two More Hand Pieced Quilt Tops! Another "FIND" and More.

Blocks of 9 two inch squares all hand sewn.
After getting Molly, our dog from the kennel this morning and making a mad dash to Wally World (Not a huge WalMart fan but there are a couple of things I can't find elsewhere.) I got down to emptying the last of the boxes from Grandma Powell.  There were a good 8-10 big boxes of notions, trims, fabric, and low and behold!  Two more hand pieced quilt tops.  I am stunned!

That makes 4 quilt tops!  Looks like if I live long enough I will have plenty of sewing to do, not as to never ever get bored! There are 4 quilt tops as well as a stack of additional blocks that have been sewn as well as many cut and ready to be!  The second one is white blocks that are hand appliqued in a pattern I do not know.  It looks a bit like a bonnet or an apron maybe? I am not sure.  I will have do do a bit of research.  It also has a deep blur border on all four sides.

The white blocks are appliqued by hand with a pattern I don't know.
In addition there are numerous large pieces of lovely fabric.  By large I mean cuts of several yards.  There are laces and trims and buttons galore.  Probably a hundred zippers and snaps.  I gathered about an 8" stack of Christmas goodies and some partially finished dolls and bunny patterns.  My gosh, it is like seamstress heaven!

Oh my gosh.  I just counted!  There are 24 big totes of fabric sitting in my family room turned sewing room.  Can you imagine?  Plus there is in addition to the totes a huge trunk and an antique ammunition box full of batting, pillow forms, and trims.  Guess I know what the winter holds in store for me.

I will have to go back and take a second run through all of them as initially the first half of my sewing things were organized by category.  Woven fabrics, Nappy fabrics, Wools, Knits, and Upholstery were the fabric breakdown and then there were the notions and trims.  Quite possibly I could hold the world record for largest antique  Ric Rac assortment!  Now they need to be reworked and resorted, merged, and relabeled.

Turkey & Bean Burritos with Homemade Seasoning Recipe

Last night I just didn't want to cook.  I was pooped and had emptied about a dozen huge boxes of fabric in the late afternoon and just wanted something easy and a hot shower.  I opened the cabinet doors to the spice shelves and spied my jar of homemade taco seasoning.  Out of corn chips,  but there are some large flour tortillas in the bottom of my frig., a case to be made for burritos!  I am cutting back on red meat and I think ground turkey will do just fine.  I have stocked up and have some in the freezer.  Oo-lay!

A thaw in the microwave for the turkey, a can of re-fried beans from the pantry and I am half way home!  I have the seasoning mix already made up and if you would like to try it here is how I make it.

Ingredients for Homemade Taco/Burrito seasoning Mix:

4 T. Chili Powder ( I like Mexainne)
4 t. Paprika
3 T. Cumin
5 t. Onion Powder
1 t. Garlic Powder
1/4 t. Cayenne Pepper or to taste

Blend these ingredients and store in jar with a tight fitting lid.  To use add 2 T. spices mix and 1 C. of water to one pound of cooked and browned ground meat, lower the heat to simmer, and cover.  Cook for 5-10 minutes then use in your favorite recipe.

Ingredients for Turkey Burritos:

1pound cooked and browned ground turkey
2 T. Seasoning Mix above
1 C. water
1, 16 ounce can of re-fried beans
4-6 large flour tortillas
1 diced tomato
3-4 leaves of romaine shredded
3-4 oz. cheese shredded
2-3 T. sour cream

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.   Prepare a large foil packet for the flour tortillas and wrap them well.

Prepare the seasoned meat filling as above directed and add 1, 16 ounce can of re-fried beans.  cover and turn the heat to simmer stirring occasionally.  Meanwhile place the foil package of tortillas in the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes,  Prepare the tomato, lettuce, and cheese while they warm.

Place a warm tortilla on a flat plate and add in a long row about 3 tablespoons of the meat and bean filling.  Dollop a few half teaspoons of sour cream across the warm meat and sprinkle with a bit of the shredded cheese.  Strew the lettuce and tomato across the top keeping everything in a line about 2-3 inches from the top and the bottom. 

Fold up the bottom of the tortilla then I fold the side closest to me over then I fold again forming a wrap with an opening at the top.  The temptation is to overfill but they are so much easier to eat if you don't!!  So there you have it, quick, easy, one pan, paper plates, and heart healthy, low fat and I used no salt!

Yield 6 burritos.


Blueberry, Boo Berry Muffins, 'Tis the Season for Spooks!

Light, moist, and chocked full of berries.
All of the pumpkins are about and the neighbors with children all have gotten the spooks from storage and hoisted them up to keep company with the falling leaves.  I have never been big on Halloween.  Oh, I go along with it.  I keep the light on for the trick-or-treaters until 8:00 PM and give out lots of candy to all of the children.  It just seems weird to me to have kids knocking on doors of folks they may not know or see other than once a years to ask for candy.  I didn't much like it when my kids went, although we allowed it and always went with them.

It makes me a bit uncomfortable to be celebrating the occult in any way shape or form.  Even just in fun and in innocence.

The fact it is probably mostly forgotten or never known in some portion of the current generation that this is where the roots of Halloween sprang from.  Is that good or bad.  I don't know, but these are my musings.......

Boooo Berry muffins sounded harmless though so that is my direction this morning.  They will be nice for breakfast over the next few days.  I may even be compelled to go drag our our few seasonal decorations!!  There  are a couple of really cute fake pumpkins and a lifelike black crow that we perch out on the front stoop.  There is also a big old fake buzzard that will sit on guard out there.  These were props Brian got some time ago that I roll out!  He isn't as prickly about Halloween as I am!!

Berries can be fresh or frozen.
Ingredients for Blueberry Muffins:

1 1/2 sticks soft butter (3/4 C.)  at room temperature
1 1/2 C. sugar
3 eggs at room temperature
3/4 C. sour cream
1/2 C. plain Greek yogurt
2 T. milk
1 1/2 t. vanilla
2 1/2 C. flour
2 t. baking powder
1/2 t. soda
1/2 t. salt
2 C. blueberries

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.  Line 18 cupcake cupcake portions with paper liners and over spray the tops of the pans and liners lightly with cooking or baking spray and set aside.

Place the sugar and butter in the bowl of the electric mixer and beat at low speed for about 5 minutes until fluffy.   Meanwhile measure the flour, salt, baking powder, and soda in another bowl and whisk until combined.  Set aside.  Crack the eggs into a small dish. 

After the butter sugar mixture has become light and airy mix the eggs in one at a time with the mixer on low speed, just until combined.  Next add the sour cream, yogurt, milk, and vanilla with the mixer still on low.  Mix well.  Slowly add the dry ingredients and turn the mixer off as soon as all of the ingredients are dampened.  Scrape the beaters off and scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula.  Fold in the berries until evenly distributed and spoon into the prepared muffin tins.  Fill the tins slightly above the tops of the muffin cups.  The batter will be thick.

Bake 25-30 minutes until slightly browned and a pick tests clean for doneness.  Then cool on cooling rack until cold if you are not serving immediately.  Wrap or store covered in an airtight container.

Yield 16-18 muffins.  Enjoy warm with butter or at room temperature.  This makes a very moist and tender muffin.  Not at all dry and crumbly!

I love having these with a cup of black coffee in the morning for breakfast,  I store in the refrigerator in an airtight container after they have cooled completely to extend their staying power.


Apple Pie Quick & Easy, Or as the Third Little Pig Found, "All the Work and Preperation Pays Off."

Apple Pie made with homemade canned apple pie filling and homemade frozen pie crust.
I was so very happy yesterday while fixing a family dinner for six.  We had planned it because Sunday didn't work out.  I pulled two of the pie crusts I had previously made and frozen and laid them on the kitchen counter to thaw. There are several recipes I use and have given that you might like,  Pie Crust for 4-5 on 7/7/10,   Pastry for 3 Crusts on 2/12/12,   or Cherry Hand Pies, Lard Pie Crust for 4.  Any of these work perfectly.

Next I walked to the cabinet where I had stored my canned goods and pulled out a quart of the Cinnamon Apple Pie Filling I had canned a few weeks earlier.  That recipe is Canning Cinnamon Apple Pie Filling and was given on 8/29/12.  This is the first day I opened a jar to try it out!  Of course I had tasted it and thought it quite good.

Ingredients for Quick and Easy Apple Pie:

2 pie crusts thawed
1 quart apple pie filling
1 T. butter divided into small portions
Cinnamon and sugar, optional

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.  Using a lightly floured board and rolling pin roll the first crust to fit a 9" pie plate.  Fold the pastry in half or roll it onto the pin and lift it onto the pie plate.  Do not trim the edges just set it to the side.  Roll the second crust to fit the top.  Cut small  decorative slits into the top crust to let the steam escape while baking.

Open the filling jar and pour the apples into the prepared pastry lined plate.  Dot with the butter evenly across the top. 

Lift the second crust across the top of the filling and position.  Crimp the edge of the pie crust and trim.  Sprinkle the top of the pie with cinnamon and sugar, optional.  Bake 40-50 minutes until the filling starts to bubble and the crust browns.  Remove from the oven to cool.  Yield 6-8 servings.

Apple Pie baked fresh using home canned filling and home made and frozen pastry.
The pie was delicious and it was so very nice to just pull it together so quickly and effortlessly on a day with so many other things I had too do.  One of the kids had a car battery go dead and I played Taxi Driver most of the afternoon.  So you can see how happy I was to have done the work, planning, and organizing ahead of the game!


Crispy Panko Crusted Cod with Dill Sauce

Crispy Panko Crusted Cod Fillets with Fresh Made Dill Sauce.
We are trying to up our consumption on fish of late because my husband is not a really big chicken lover and we probably need to cut back on the red meat in our diet.  He is not willing to try fish unless there is a crisp crusty element to it so I pan fried cod fillets in a small portion of Grape seed oil and Safflower oil.  Both oils have a high smoke point and mild if not neutral flavor.  Safflower oil has a high vitamin K content which is a negative when you are on blood thinners as he is.  The clinic nurse advised me to set the bottle of safflower oil in a sunny window for a day prior to using it and that will diminish it's effects.

Ingredients for Panko Crusted Cod and Dill Sauce:

3 fillets of cod thawed
1 large egg
2 T. water
1/2 C. flour
1/2 C. yellow corn meal
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
2 t. paprika
1 1/2 C. Panko crumbs
2 T. lemon pepper
1 T. paprika
1/4 C. Grape seed oil
1/4 C. Safflower oil

1/2 C. mayonnaise
2 T. dill relish or chopped dill pickle
2-3 shakes of Tabasco sauce

Toss the flour, corn meal, salt, pepper, and the first amount of paprika together until well mixed in a shallow dish.  Using another shallow dish beat together the egg and water with a fork.  Lastly mix in a third shallow dish the Panko crumbs, lemon pepper, and paprika.  Form an assembly line in the order as I have listed.

Using a small bowl combine the mayonnaise, dill relish, and Tabasco then set aside.  Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. and set a metal rack inside a sheet pan on the top shelf of the oven placed on the center rack to keep the fish warm and crisp as you remove it from the oil.

Place both oils in a large, heavy bottomed, flat skillet.  Heat the oil over medium high heat and begin the assembly of the crust.

Dredge the first piece of cod in the flour mixture.  Next place it in the egg mixture, turning to coat. Lastly dredge quickly in the crumbs and place in the hot oil.  Continue until you have filled the skillet but the fish should not be crowded.  Brown each side then turn.  This should take about 5-6 minutes until the fish is done.  It should be cooked only until it flakes.  The time can vary depending on the thickness of the fish and the temperature of the oil.  Continue the process until all the the fish is cooked and placed it in the oven on the rack as you remove it from the pan.  Serve hot and crisp with the sauce.

I served with scalloped potatoes and fresh pineapple and cottage cheese salad.  Yield 2-3 servings.

Note:  I recently purchased a 5 pound box of Icelandic cod individually wrapped fillets from our Rivertown Butcher Shop.  There is no waste and I paid $30. for it.  At $6.00 a pound with no waste and health benefits to those with health concerns I thought it a good bargain.


Election Prayer Fall 2012

Election Prayer Fall 2012
Our Father we thank and praise You this day for Your Blessings and Grace as we walk in this world.  We praise You for the gifts of family, country, and freedom as we enjoy the bounty of our great nation.  We thank You for the guidance and protection you have afforded us and ask for Your continued Blessings.  We ask Your forgiveness for our mistakes.  We ask You to strengthen our faith.

You taught us in Mark11:23 that what we say and continue to say comes to pass and our faith grows as we hear ourselves say it.  So Father I pray to you for intervention into the hearts and minds, and mouths of those who set about to divide us.  I ask that the tongues that wag division, envy, greed, anxiousness, and unrest be quieted.  That those who manifest strife be stilled.

Holy Father I ask that You guide our nation in the last days of the current election process and reveal the hearts of those who seek to call things as they are.  I ask that truth be revealed that our citizens might see truth and justice and our country be Blessed with peace, economic recovery, and prosperity.  I pray for our many service personnel in so many nations and at home that they might be protected and Blessed.  Be with the families of those who have lost their loved ones in the current strife and grant them comfort and healing for their great sacrifice,

We ask You to and thank You for cutting off the strength of evil leaders and increasing the power of good men in their place, where ever they may be, as you tell us in Psalm 75:10.  We thank You for raising up godly men and women to govern us, as You say in Psalm 75:6-7.

Thank You Lord that we can choose to live as in 1 Thes. 4:11-12, a quiet life, minding our own business and doing our own work, so people can trust and respect us.  Give us the vision to also see and appreciate this in others.

Father I ask for unity as You tell us in Philip 2:1.  That we are brothers in You, Lord, sharing the same Spirit.  That our heats are tender, and sympathetic to each other.  That we love each other, agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, working together with one heart and mind and purpose.

We ask these things in Jesus Holy name, not my will but Thine be done.  A-men


Pineapple Whip, an Easy Frozen Treat

We LOVE pineapple around here and when I came across this little Disney recipe I couldn't wait to adapt it to my own!  Also I love the idea of having it on the ready in the freezer to "dollop" and serve in short order!  Not to mention Grandchildren love frozen treats year around.  Again I especially like this because there are no preservatives or artificial ingredients in this ice cream like dessert and I can pronounce everything in it!

Ingredients for Pineapple Whip:

2,  20 Oz. cans of crushed pineapple in pineapple juice
2 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 T. fresh squeezed lime juice
1/3 C. sugar

Combine the above ingredients in blender or food processor and "buzz" them until well blended.  Empty into 2 one quart freezer bags and place in the deep freezer for 1 1/2 hours to freeze until slushy.

1 1/2 C. whipping cream

Just before time to remove the frozen to slush mixture, empty the cream into a large bowl and whip until it forms peeks and will hold it's shape.  Empty the pineapple mixture into the whipped cream and fold together.  Empty the mixture into a container with an airtight lid and return to the freezer for another hour before serving.  Scoop into pretty dessert dishes and serve.  Yield about 8 servings.


Cheese Sauce Recipe for Now and for Your Freezer

Five ample servings of delicious cheese sauce ready for the freezer.
This is another recipe adapted from my new Make-A-Mix Cookbook.  They call it a mix but technically it is not because you quite simply make up a batch and use for now and/or freeze for future use.  This is really delicious and I an tickled to death at how well it has turned out.  Full of flavor!  The fresh broccoli I am fixing for tonight's supper will be adorned with it!

Ingredients for Cheese Sauce to Make and Freeze:

3/4 C. flour
1 t. salt
1/4 t. fresh grated nutmeg

Stir the above ingredients all together in a small bowl and set aside

12 Oz. grated cheddar cheese (I used 8 oz. extra sharp and 4  oz. sharp cheddar)

Grate the cheese and set aside.

3/4 C. butter (1 1/2 sticks)

Melt the butter in a heavy bottomed pan over medium-high heat.  Stir in the flour and cook a minute or so stirring constantly.  Add all at once:

4 C. milk
2 C. undiluted condensed chicken broth

Stir and heat continuously until slightly thickened. Remove from the heat and quickly beat together in a small bowl:

4 egg yolks and
1 C. half and half

Pour ladle of the warm sauce into the egg mixture and stir, add another ladle of warm sauce and stir well.  Pour the warmed egg mixture back into the pan of sauce and stir together.  Return this to the heat and cook stirring until thickened.  Do not boil.  Remove from the heat.

Add the shredded cheese and stir until melted.  Cool to room temperature and package in freezer containers of the desired size.  1 1/3 to 1 1/2 cups is good for a recipe but however you will use is fine.  This would be perfect over egg dishes, vegetables, baked potatoes, anyway you would use any other cheese sauce!

Label and freeze.  Just thaw in the microwave and reheat.  Yield 5-6 batches.

Crock Pot Onion Soup, Easiest & Best Ever!

Non-traditional Method Yields Easy and Delicious "French" Onion Soup.
The other day I saw a picture as I was flipping through Pinterest where someone had slow cooked onions in the crock pot.  I don't know what it was for or what it was about but I thought it to be a perfect vehicle for caramelizing a large quantity of onions for one of my favorite Onion Soups.  I had just made French Bread so that was here for the topping and I knew there was an unopened chunk of Fontana Cheese that would melt perfectly atop a perch of the bread floated in a deep puddle of the soup!  Actually I also had 2 quarts of frozen homemade beef stock in the deep freeze so things were really falling into place for an effortless meal......

Ingredients for Crock Pot Onion Soup:

4 pounds peeled and sliced fresh onions  (6 or 7 good sized)
1 stick of butter
1 t. salt
1 t. sugar
1/2 t. black pepper
2-3 T. olive oil
2 quarts beef stock purchased or homemade
2-3 ounces of Sherry or dry white wine or Vermouth
3-5 beef bouillon cubes or teaspoons of granules
French bread cut into 1/2" slices
Swiss Cheese sliced or shredded

The day prior to planning to serve your onion soup place the butter and oil in the bottom of the slow cooker.  Add the onion slices, salt, sugar, and pepper.  Stir to combine and turn the cooker on low.  Stir occasionally but I had no problem leaving it on all night.  Just check and add a bit more oil or butter should it become dry before bedtime.  Mine did not cook dry but the slow cookers may not all act the same.

Late the next day add the Sherry or wine, beef stock and taste.  Enrich the broth if it needs it with the bouillon, taste and correct the seasoning if needed.

Toast the French bread.

Ladle the soup into ovenproof  bowls or  mugs as desired and float a slice of the bread on top.  Add the cheese atop the toast and slip under the broiler for just a minute until the cheese is bubbling then serve.  Yield 6-8 portions.


French Bread and Bread Boules

Soup Boules for Dinner and a French Loaf.
This recipe normally makes two 18" loaves but my plan is to make bread boules for soup and one loaf.  I have already gotten it started this morning, oops!  There is the timer now.  Excuse me while I go check to see if it has risen appropriately.

Perfectly risen and I am delighted.  Here is my recipe:

Ingredients for French Bread:

2 C. warm water (110-115 degrees F)
1 t. honey
3 T. Instant yeast
5 C. bread flour (organic if you have it)
1 t. salt
1-2 T. olive oil
1 egg white slightly beaten
1 T. cold water

Using a small bowl combine the water and honey and stir until dissolved.  Sprinkle the yeast across the top and let stand for 10 minutes.

In a large mixing bowl , combine 2 C. of flour, salt, and the yeast mixture.  Mix with a wooden spoon for about a half of a minute.  Gradually add 2 more cups of flour.

Knead by hand or with a machine adding additional flour until the dough is smooth and elastic adding the 1 remaining cup of flour as you go.  NOTE:  Depending on the weather and humidity it could take a bit more or less flour.

Put the oil in a large bowl then add the ball of dough turning it to coat.  Cover and stand to raise in a warm place for about 1 1/2 hours until double in size.

Punch the dough down.  Turn onto a floured board and divide in half.  Then divide one of the halves again.  Form into 3 portions, cover, and let rest for 10 minutes.  Roll the larger half into a 15"x 10" rectangle then roll from the long end into a loaf.  Make 3 gashes in the top of the loaf. Place Seam side down on baking stone strewn with cornmeal.  Form the two smaller portions into smooth balls and slash the tops.  Position them rough side down on a baking stone strewn with cornmeal.  Cover the three portions and set in a warm place to rise for about 1 hour until doubled.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.  Bake for 20 minutes.  Combine egg white and cold water.  Brush the loaves and return to the oven directly on the racks, having removed the loaves from the baking stones.  Bake an additional 15-25 minutes until the loaves sound hollow when tapped.  Cool on wire racks.

Yield 2 loaves or 1 loaf and 2 boules.  This bread will freeze nicely but be sure to cool completely then double wrap.

Crock Pot Chicken 'n Dressing with Mashed Potatoes

Smothered chicken and stuffing with mashed potatoes and a side of peas.
This morning I was stuck trying to think of something to do with the big package of split chicken breasts I had thawed and some way to use up leftover mashed potatoes.  Finally I decided to fillet the chicken from the bones and use the bones and skin for stock and throw the meat into the crock pot.

Ingredients for Chicken and Dressing in the Crock Pot:

5-6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
salt and pepper
6-8 ounces Mozzarella cheese slices
1 can cream of mushroom soup  (or cream of chicken, or cream of celery if you prefer)
4-5 T. milk
1 package stuffing mix
1/2 stick of butter melted
3-4 cups cold left over mashed potatoes

Brian is funny about chicken.  He does better if it is off the bone and he likes dressing which for two people I do not often make.  I    need to pick up Katie our youngest granddaughter today from school and am out of gas.  I decided to go for gas and a box of stuffing in a box!

I buttered the crock pot and using a fillet knife took the 5 chicken breast halves from the bone. These I seasoned with black pepper. Next I layered them in the bottom of the crock pot and covered with slices of Mozzarella cheese. Then mixed a can of cream of mushroom soup with 4-5 T. milk and spread this atop the cheese.

After opening the stuffing box I just spread it over the soup and drizzled a half of a stick of melter butter over it all.

Lastly I crumbled the leftover mashed potatoes over the parameter of the slow cooker, placed on the lid and turned the temperature to low for 8-10 hours.  Delicious and all I had to do is serve this meal with a green salad or vegetable.  Yield 5 or 6 servings. 

Basically it was very tasty but was a bit over browned.   My slow cooker is on the hot side even on low and I needed to watch more closely!!

The chicken bones went into a kettle with celery, onions, carrots, garlic, salt, and pepper and was covered with water.  They simmered all afternoon and the stock was frozen in quart containers.  The chicken frozen in freezer bags after removing it from the bones.  I will use both for soup another day.


Homemade Brownie Mix and Walnut Brownies

Homemade Brownies Piled on a Plate and made from Homemade Brownie Mix.
Some of you may recall how much I enjoy the blog, The Iowa Housewife,  as I visit it often and share some of the "finds" there!  One of which is a cookbook I sent off for after seeing some of it's treasures extolled there.  Make-A-Mix is the title and it was written by Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward, and Madeline Westover.

I was intrigued by the Brownie mix in particular because one of my daughter-in-laws, Julie 2 ( We have two daughter-in-laws with the same first name.) is an avowed chocoholic and I thought of this as a gift to her.  Both daughter-in-laws work full time and I try to do thoughtful and helpful things for them as I can.  After making my adaptation of the mix I noted 5 different recipes are given in which to use it.  Sure sounds like a plan to me!

Ingredients for Brownie Mix:

6 C. organic flour (you can use regular if you'd rather)
4 t. baking powder
4 t. kosher salt
4 pounds of sugar (8 cups)
8 ounce can of unsweetened cocoa powder (not drink mix)

Combine all of these ingredients in a large bowl stirring until very well mixed.  Store in a cool place in an airtight container for up to 3 months.  Note:  No preservatives, no artificial anything, and I can pronounce all of the ingredients and know what they are.   Use as directed for Brownies to follow.

Best Brownies from Homemade Brownie Mix:

1/4 C. melted butter
2 beaten eggs, (I use organic when I have them.)
1 t. vanilla
2  1/4 C. Homemade  Brownie Mix
1/2 C. chopped walnuts, optional

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter and flour 8" square pan and set aside.

Combine the cooled butter with the rest of the ingredients and stir until smooth.  Mixture will be quite thick.

Spread evenly into the prepared pan and bake for 30-35 minutes until the brownie pulls away from the side of the pan.   Cool and cut into bars.  Yield 16,  2" brownies.

These Brownies are delicious and I know for sure as I just ate this one for my lunch.

This Brownie was my lunch today and it was delicious!
I have never enjoyed lunch more.   I hope you enjoy this posting as much as I have enjoyed doing it today.  I plan to adapt and try and share the other recipes for this mix too.

Cinnamon Toast I LOVE

When Mike and Julie 1 were first married they were still in collage and lived with us for a time.  It was easy, they lived on one floor and we lived on the other and shared the kitchen.  Julie made the most delicious Cinnamon Toast I had ever eaten.  This is just how she did it.

Ingredients for Julie 1's Cinnamon toast:

4 slices of bread
2 T. soft butter
Cinnamon sugar

Pre heat the broiler to high.  Spread a half of a tablespoon of butter evenly over the bread.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.  Broil until brown.  My oven takes 5 minutes under the broiler with the bread in the center of the oven.  Watch closely!!

Remove from the oven and let cool a few minutes.  The melted sugar hardens and becomes crisp.  It is delicious!  Be prepared to make more!!  WHO KNEW ANYTHING SO SIMPLE COULD BE SO DELICIOUS? 

My other tip is to remove the lid from any Parmesan cheese container, wash  and save to use on the top of any regular size canning or jelly jar.  This is an 8 ounce jelly jar with a mixture of 1/2 C. sugar and 1 T. ground cinnamon.  Handy to sprinkle on the buttered bread!