Macadamia Oil the New Olive Oil

Macadamia Nut Oil, The New Olive Oil.
This past week i have read three books, cover to cover which is needless to say more than my usual.   In doing so I have discovered Macadamia Nut Oil.   This oil has been touted as the "new olive oil" for it's benefits.

The first and most obvious is the wonderful flavor!!  I'm liking it already and I am on my first bottle.
Consider it tastes almost like butter.  Great for my scrambled eggs.

Unlike olive oil it has a high smoking point (234 degrees C) and is ideal for sauteing and all manner of cooking.

It has a very long shelf life and is more stable than olive oil when exposed to light.

It is the lowest of all cooking oils in Omega-6 fatty acids but high in palmitoleic acid, which isn't found in any other plant at all.  Because palmitoleic acid is found in the sebum of HUMAN SKIN, macadamia oil can also double as a potent skin moisturizer.

The fat in macadamia oil is 80% monounsaturated, the highest percentage among cooking oils.

Source: Species Nutrition (

Note:  I have some interest in coconut oil too and and reading on it also.


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