Herbs, Remedies, and My Dear Friend.

Chamomile can be dried for a soothing tea.
I don't remember just how I came to know her.....It was quite sometime ago.  Maybe 20-25 years.  I do recall it was a time that I had major foot problems and had seen a Podiatrist to try to get relief and I was having major pain in my knees and hips and was seeing another Doctor about that too.

She was known by word of mouth as a person who knew a lot about herbs and natural healing.  She was also know to be an organic gardener and grower.  Her name is Mickey Thienes from Henderson, Kentucky.

Fresh Basil, Rosemary, and Thyme are great seasoning herbs and easy to grow.
I will never forget my first visit to her home.  It so reminded me of my Grandmother's.  I have never before or since seen such a gardening marvel and so many plants and flowers all flourishing!! Her countenance of quiet kindness blanketed the house and gardens and all who were present.  That very day I began to learn from her and have continued to this day.

Black Elderberry tea and syrup have become a staple at my house.
We spoke of all of my complaints and she asked me many questions and she made some suggestions about my diet (she is very anti additive, pesticide, and chemical, and was so before it became fashionable).  She suggested some herbs I might try and she served me up a delightful cup of Jasmine tea.  The first of many we have enjoyed over the years!!

We drink it over ice as well!!
Her suggestions as I recall were for  the herbal supplements yucca, devils claw tuber, and kelp.  I began taking them and found relief.  It was not immediate but after a bit it was very evident.  I was so very pleased to take a few natural herbal caps instead of the  dozen or so RXs' I had been on prior to this.

Since then I have sought her advice many times and have generally found the results to be very helpful.  Currently she has established a blog and shares her wisdom and products with those who have an interest in them.  She can be found at,  she is my friend and I trust her.

I have written about her in this blog before and I have come to use many of her suggestions in our day to day life as well as sharing my understanding of many of her beliefs with friends and relatives.