My New Year's Resolutions!

Yes, I have been missing for a good long while my friends.  So thank you to all of you who have stayed around.

My New Years Resolutions are only two.  The first is to return to my once normal life and resume doing everything I did before I was debilitated by pain,  The second is to get on a program, probably of my own to loose more weight because that cannot but help my situation.

I may have told about a terrible fall I took a year ago the Day after Labor Day.  It was one of those "kick myself, how could I have been so stupid kind of falls!"

As I often do because our house is built into the side of a big hill,  I carried 2 large 30 gal. full trash bags down the full flight of stairs into the family room to the garage door.  Next I went down 3 more concrete steps into the garage floor and proceeded to open the doors and head out to the trash and recycle bins!  Upon heaving my big bags into the proper receptacles I saw one bag had leaked and left a trail across the blacktop of the driveway!

Generally I clean up my messes so I found the paper towels I keep there for just such occasions.  I wiped from the trash bins to the garage and all of the way back to the door to reenter the house. All cleaned up!  I turned to go up the steps into the house and "SLAM BAM THANK YOU MAME!"

I hit like a ton of bricks.

I had turned all of the way around and was now facing out of the garage doors instead of into the house and my legs were behind me instead of in front in a discombobulated and rumpled heap on the steps.  I just sat there.  Stunned and not knowing if I could get up.  After a bit I did slowly try to maneuver myself around and got up! 

Long story short I never got better.  I neglected to consider the soles of my shoes when cleaning up and that is where I went wrong.  As one not to run to the doctor very often I didn't go for maybe 6 months realizing I was not recovering.

Eventually it was discovered I have a major birth defect I had not known of and this fall merged the whole thing become painfully awful!

Recently my Dr. Ross Whitacre found a medication helping me a lot!  Like 80% improvement so I am ready to get back after the business of life!

So watch for me in the next weeks!  I am rejoining the living!