Easiest Stove Cleaning for ENAMEL Tops and ENAMEL Drip Pans on Gas Ranges

This is my secret to an easy clean and shinning porcelain or enamel gas range top and drip pans and burner tops.  DO NOT try this without testing on something small and that does not show or could be easily replaced if needed.  (Example small burner cap on a rear burner because they could have changed something in the formula since I got my range.)  DO NOT try this on anything else with out checking first as you could really damage or ruin your stove.  I urge caution.  I do NOT recommend on stainless, aluminum, or chrome or anything else as I have NOT checked it out on anything except as I have explained in paragraph one.

DO NOT do this unless you have excellent ventillation.  I turn on the overhead vent and open the kitchen window.  MAKE SURE ALL OF THE BURNERS ARE TURNED ALL OF THE WAY OFF.

DO NOT do this when or where there are children or pets as the fumes could be harmful and the liquid could cause chemical burns and is poisonous. DO NOT do this if you or anyone in your household has breathing, allergy, or other health issues that might be harmful. DO NOT leave the soaking solution unattended where someone could get into it.

Wear good rubber gloves, NOT the thin ones doctors use.  You will need 1 or 2 SOS pads or equivelent steel wool pads.  A small bowl of hot soapy water, paper towels, 2 large heavy trash bags with twist ties, household ammonia, a dish cleaning brush, and a large tray of some kind to put under everything.  (I use an old 1/2 sheet baking pan.)

This project starts the night before but is so worth the outcome and the ease.

Take the first trash bag and open it then open the second placing it inside the first.  Basically making a large double bag for containment.  Place both the bags on the tray in a manner that opens toward you and makes the bottom of the bags eany for you to place the dirty components inside.  Place this someplace out of the way and where others will leave it alone.  Put a DO NOT TOUCH sign on and a barricade if necessary!!  NO JOKE.

Put all of the pieces need cleaned (as discussed above)  inside the bag.  I usually put the flatter pieces in first than stack the rest in a secure manner.  Pour about a 1/2 cup of household ammonia in over everything and secure the first bag tightly with a twist tie, then secure the second the same way.

Leave undisturbed overnight.  IT DOES NOT WORK AS WELL UNLESS THIS STEP IS FOLLOWED.  The next morning put on your gloves and take the hot soapy water and brush to the stove and wet the sticky or browned areas.  Scrub a bit but be sure to moisten it all and let it sit to soften up any grimy  spots.

NOTE:  I have a porcelain  sink.  If you do not then use a large plastic dish pan set down inside your sink as I would not want you to damage the sink.

Be sure to clear a sink and I like to put an old dish cloth down to set the edges of the metal against as not to scratch up my sink.  Or use a large plastic dish pan.  Open the bags and remove the components one at a time.  Use the SOS pad and go over everything.  The fumes of the ammonia appear to soften everything and make it easier to remove burned on cooking grease and debris.  Rinse well and stack to drain.

The stove top debris should have softened by now and can be easily removed with the brush or lightly use the SOS pad.  Dry the draining components and put the stove top back together.

Dump the ammonia down the drain and run cold water to rinse through the drain.   Discard the used plastic bags by tying the wet one down inside the dry one.  This way no critters can get into it and be harmed.  Enjoy your clean shinny stove until something boils over again!!!


Judy said...

I talked with a store manager that sells gas stoves. He said if you have a self cleaning oven you can put your gas grills etc. in when you run the cycle and they come out pristine. Might save you some major back-breaking scrubbing.

Mom to Many said...

My Mom did this the whole time I was growing up with her electric stove burner pans. It works well.
I learned to be a bit of a stove scrubber from her. :o)

Great post!

Nohemi said...

In my case, I just use hot water and soapy cloth whenever I clean my stove tops. I learned this from my mom. She said that spraying the stove tops with unknown solutions can damage its aesthetics and functionality.

Nohemi Tutterrow

Diane Cosby said...

My post deals specifically with GAS ranges with gas burners in the cook top. Grates vary, some are cast and others are coated with some type of what appears to me be an enamel of some sort. I would not advise you put these in a self cleaning oven. I sold high end appliances for 10 years and there is not one rule for all. Using a gas range is much different than an electric one. Do not use my suggestion for stainless steel. Yes, hot soapy water is an understood and I anticipated that was everyone's normal. My process is for the burned on dark stuff you may get after a time if you do cook a lot, especially on enamel drip pans and burner caps. Thank you for your tips and comments! Diane

Scott Waschlerner said...

Thank you for this tips! It's so detail and i like your blog because of pictures. But I have a question, does this method appropriate for conduction cooktop too? i have such kind and if it works with it, I will be very happy!

Diane Cosby said...

Scott......I would NOT try this on your cooktop without checking with the manufacturer. I used to sell appliances and you must be careful as if you do not follow the manufacturers directions it can void your warranty. Thank you for your kind words! Diane

Abhijeet Bhosale said...

This is a great post, very interesting points and I have enjoyed immeasurably. Lots of thanks!

Grandma Dawn said...

This will work great for the removable parts. Any suggestions for the burnt on stuff on the actual enameled stove top? Mine is black in color and some cleaners leave white cloudy stains (though they have eventually disappeared) If it can remove the stuff inside an oven (I have seen many examples on the internet), couldn't it remove the ridicuously burnt on stuff from the stove top?

Diane Cosby said...

I do not know if this will work but this is what I would do on baked on or cooked on crud on an enamel stove top. Using white cotton cloth of some kind and wearing rubber gloves, saturate the fabric with ammonia. Place the wet fabric atop the area to be cleaned then cover as completely as you can with plastic. I would use a heavy duty trash bag. I would leave overnight. I expect it would be much easier than you think to clean the next morning. Make sure you have good ventilation. Open the window or turn on the exhaust fan. If there are stuck on places that still need work, I like the Mr. Clean white cleaning sponges. They are fierce! Good luck.

Steve Berke said...

This a great post! I enjoyed reading it.

I think this article could complement your post.

Good luck with your future piece :)

Unknown said...

Remember our granny's used ammonia to clean everything we cleaned a smokers walls once with it diluted of course the yellow crap that came off was unbelievable.

Bill said...

I just use oven cleaner. Works great.

Unknown said...

Carbonated Ceramic Cooktop cleaner and Bar Keepers Friend work very well for the burnt on gunk on the stove top. I like the ammonia idea and will be giving it a try!

Jelina Roy said...


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Unknown said...

Hi Diane, How do you get the caps off. We have a Maytag advanced cooking system gas range. Someone stayed and really made a mess of the drip trays, grates and caps. I want to try your method with 1/2 cup of household ammonia. How do you get the caps off? My husband is concerned about causing a problem with the range.
Thank you. Patty Reinhardt

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