Cleaning the Pantry

Does it all get away from you??  It surely does me.  It seems like I can get it all in order and before you know it it is run a muck again!! So goes the story of my so called pantry.

Yesterday I set out to start getting things in order for Thanksgiving by cleaning, deep cleaning.  I am saying down on the floor and in the cracks with a tooth brush cleaning.  (Oh my aching Knees.)

Well anyway I am so very happy with myself that I took pictures of what it took a good half a day to finish.  

I thought it might be something we all have in common.  I really do not know if I am the only one who feels like Lucille Ball about half of the time when I go to open any given drawer or any closet!!

I tend to this on an ongoing basis.  Annually I go through all of the drawers but before the year has rolled around again everything has filled with this and that and clutter.

What makes people hold onto stuff??

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