Cleaning Dingy Sheet Pans and Cookie Sheets, Removing Wallpaper.

Good as new half sheet pan AFTER using homemade treatment.
I am addicted to Pinterest just like half the world it seems and had recently seen 2 items I wanted to try.  The first was to clean the inside of the oven door by painting it with baking soda and water and letting it sit for a time.  Tried it.  I will stick with a can of Easy Off oven cleaner which had been my plan.  This turned out rather poorly.

Half sheet pan BEFORE and while soaking with the treatment.
The second turned out much better.  The instructions were to cover you old and discolored cookie sheets or sheet pans with a generous sprinkling of baking soda and then add hydrogen peroxide.  Let this sit.  I lest it about 2-3 hours.  Then I scrubbed with a stainless steel soap pad and it had softened the grime quite a lot and was easily restored.

My last subject I only mention because a dear friend had been having all kind of trouble removing old wall paper and I suggested she try the method I always use as given to me by my very talented daughter-in-law.

Combine very warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle.  About a cup of vinegar to a gallon of very warm water.  Spray the old wallpaper to dampen it well.   Then let it sit a while to allow the warm water solution to absorb into the old paste and loosen it.   If it doesn't come off easily spray again and wait. 

She tried this with great success and called today and asked me to share it.   I gladly do so.   There is no need to go buy special stuff to take the old paper off.  I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I have done this.  Always with success.


Carolie said...

I know one time I scorched something in a pan. My mom told me to put baking soda on the scorched part and then pour in some vinegar and let it set at least over night. It was so easy to clean the next day! After reading this post I am thinking it might do well on a cookie sheet. Removing wallpaper can be a nightmare. I wonder if that trick would work to remove tape residue from a non-porous surface?

Diane Cosby said...

To remove tape residue on a hard non porous surface use rubbing alcohol. The cleaning crew at Lazarus used rubbing alcohol to do this ad well as to wash all of the windows and glass. It does not streak. You can use this on a wood surface if you are very careful and dab at it gently with an alcohol soaked q-tip. I have done it on the furniture sales floor when needed.

Carolie said...

Thanks! I will have to try that.

P.j. said...

Oil or a product like Oops or Goo Gone take off tape or label adhesive without harming wood. Undo is a product that works well on paper, without leaving a greasy residue. Manco that makes Duck brand tape also makes an adhesive remover. The last 2 formulas come in an applicator bottle with a plastic cap that doubles as a scraper.