Easiest Chocolate Nut Clusters EVER, Crock Pot Candy or Slow Cooker Candy.

There are both mini and regular size candies on my stand.
This has to be the all time easiest candy anyone can make!  I was fascinated when someone told me about it.  The called it Crock Pot Candy.  So so easy on a buy day and it makes quite a lot, a bit over 5 pounds of yummy treats.  The lady at the grocery told me she makes it and uses pecans instead of peanuts and her husband is addicted!  We were going through the chocolate shelf in search of our ingredients and struck up a conversation.

Ingredients for Nut Clusters:

2 pounds of nuts (I used dry roasted peanuts.)
4 ounces German Sweet Chocolate. broken
2 C, semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 packages (1 1/4 pound each= 2 1/2 pounds) almond bark, broken

Filled Crock Pot ready for lid.
Using a large slow cooker 6 -8 quart, layer the nuts in the bottom.  Next break up the bar of German Chocolate atop the nuts.  Scatter the chocolate chips for the next layer and top it with the broken pieces of almond bark.  Do not stir.  Top with the lid and turn the cooker to low.  Set your timer for 3 hours and walk away.  DO NOT OPEN THE LID, DO NOT STIR OR PEEK FOR 3 HOURS.

Meanwhile ready cup cake pans with paper liners.  You can use regular size or the mini size or both.

At the end of 3 hours with a sturdy spoon stir the heck out of the mixture to blend it altogether.  For regular size cupcake papers drop 2 tablespoons of the mixture into each.  If you are using the mini cupcake liners drop 1 tablespoon of the candy into each paper.  Keep filling the liners until all of the candy is used and allow them to cool and set.  After they are cold store in a tightly sealed container.  ENJOY.

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