Santa Claus!

Santa candy dish lid.
Yesterday I thought I would try to stay home and get through some more sorting, unpacking, and cleaning.  There were maybe a dozen or so boxes I had never opened in the garage from my visits with Grandma Powell.  I knew there was ribbon and other Christmas items and I also knew we need the room in the garage so I bundled up with warm cloths and headed down to clear a path.

Santa to the left of me!
Imagine my delight as I unpacked upon finding a box of Santa Clause figurines!  I have long loved Santa and have a few items.  Actually, I have secretly longed for a collection of Santa items and look with delight upon the collections of others!

Santa to the right!
So to join the two pieces painted for me by my best friend there are 9 others who have joined us and who delight me!  Plus our oldest son gave me a European Santa last week all dressed in green for the season!

These items join several Santa serving pieces, several Frosty the Snowman plates and a couple of Christmas tablecloths I treasure!  We all love our treasures and I am grateful for these vintage pieces.

This European Santa is over two feet tall and greets guests as he stands on the end of a church pew as you enter our home.  So...Merry Christmas one and all!  And Season's Greetings too. 

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cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Oh, what a wonderful find, these are just gorgeous. Did you say a quiet thankyou to the heavens. I cannot wait to see were you place them. I'm having Santa envy down here, haa haa. All the best Wendy