7 Year Old Twins Decorate Their Own Birthday Cakes with Grandma

Last year and this year I have baked the birthday cakes for our twin grandson's and they decorate them with small toys and candies and just have a ball doing so!  Next they put on candles and we arew ready to party!
We set up trays of goodies next to freshly frosted cakes of their choosing.

A few days ahead I shopped Cracker Barrel, the grocery, Walmart, and the Dollar Store for cake mixes, frosting, disposable pans, gummy worms etc, sprinkles, and lots of "boy" toys they like.
I DO NOT ABIDE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.   At any rate they loved the spiders, snakes, grasshoppers, commandos armed with guns and the assorted candies. 

Before hand I washed all of the toys in hot sudsy water, rinsed well, and air dried.  So they were clean and free of yuck.  After blowing out the candles I washed again and saved them for the boys to play with later.

Sam likes Strawberry cake and frosting.
Jack ordered chocolate cake and frosting.
Then they sang and blew out candles.
To assemble I frosted the cakes and arranged the "decorations" on a tray next to each readied cake and turned the boys loose.  They had a ball!

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Jeannette said...

Memorable for all of you...doing is often so much the large part of "having." What, you are not politically correct? oh oh...but you washed everything off so it is cool.