HAMBURGERS, Last cookout of this summer, Dadburgers!!

Dadburger on grilled bun with fixings.
That is what we call Brian's cooked over charcoal or gas or sometimes even a woodfire, Dadburgers!!
They are always good and fitting end of summer fare.

Although we will grill many more times this year summer ends this week on my calendar!!  Soon frost will be on pumpkins and children will hurry down the hill we live on huddled in jackets to the bus stop. The leaves adorning the big tree in front of my house will turn first a bright red and will be covered with deep purple berries the birds cherish each fall.  Then each in it's own time, every species of bush and tree will fall into hibernation.  The holes the woodpeckers have crafted will be revealed as the leaves fall.  The squirrel nests will loom large in the swaying tree tops.

So as we bid summer heat good by we feasted on family fare of roasted on the grill potatoes, carrots, and burgers.  Dressed in fresh from the garden tomatoes and dill pickles canned earlier in the summer.
Brownies for desert ended a lovely family visit!!

Chomped down on burger!!
To make the burgers we defrosted 2 pounds of ground chuck, and added 1 egg yolk, salt, pepper,  and garlic powder.  These were combined by hand and pattied into 6 burgers and grilled to perfection.

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