Just dipped!!
Buckeyes around here are a type of candy made at the Holidays.  Years ago I made these when my own children were home.  This year I plan to have them at Thanksgiving and see if anyone remembers them.
I am planning to make an easier on the cook Thanksgiving this year focusing on do ahead dishes and letting go of some of the old classics.  This way I can see more of my family and a bit less of the kitchen.
These (Buckeyes and Pumpkin Delight) are great to do ahead and the recipes come from Diane my oldest, dearest, best friend in the whole world.

1 sleeve of graham crackers finely crushed,  about 2 C.
1 lb. box of powdered sugar,  about 4 C.
Necked Buckeyes Chilling!!
2 C. crunchy peanut butter,  18 oz. jar
2 sticks of soft butter
1 T. vanilla
1/2 bar paraffin
1 lb. chocolate chips

In line for Tasting!!
Mix altogether crushed graham crackers, sugar, peanut butter, butter, and vanilla in a large bowl using an electric mixer.  Using your clean hands roll into balls and refrigerate to firm them up. 

Meanwhile over very low heat melt the paraffin and chocolate chips together.  Using a toothpick or skewer affix the candy and dip into the chocolate swirling to cover and leaving about a a fingernail sized portion not dipped,  thus the name, buckeye!!!

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