Avocados and how to preserve them!!

Pinterest is a really interesting place to be.  I look and find the most fascinating topics there.  This is one I saw and knew for certain I would try first chance I got on preserving avocados!!  If you have not known of this site it is a collection of on line pin boards on all sorts of topics!!

There is a blog called, and she had featured a post on freezing avocado which was then picked up on pinterest which I liked and pinned too!!

Friday I had to go to the grocery in spite of the terrible things that were going on around me.  I had not been for 2 weeks as we had gone to Methodist Hospital the prior weekend to be with Jacob and the family.  Haas Avocados were on sale and so I purchased 4 of them with the intention of preserving them for better days when I would use them and have them at hand.


4 ripe avocados
1 fresh lemon

Squeeze 1/2 of a fresh lemon and if there is plenty of juice this will be all you need.  If not squeeze the other half too.  Cut the first avocado in half and twist the halves in opposite directions and pop it into.  Slam rather briskly the sharp edge of a large knife well into the pit of the avocado and twist the knife as it is lodged into the pit.  This should readily release the pit and you can discard it.

Brush the cut edge of the avocado generously with lemon juice to cover.  Leave the skin of the avocado otherwise in tact.  Repeat the process for all of the avocados and place them in  a freezer bag.  Freeze until needed.

Isn't this a wonderful idea??  I love it.  Just peel the skin away and proceed with whatever recipe you are making as needed.


P.j. said...

I've used lemon juice or Fruit Fresh to keep avocados from turning brown, but I didn't know they could be frozen! Thanks for the tip--might buy a bag at Sam's soon!

Diane Cosby said...

Cool!! I am ready for summer type recipes with lots of fresh food. These can be pricey some times and I thought this a great idea. I too use lemon and fruit fresh but has not thought to freeze them.