Blooming in Indiana!! Spring has Sprung here!!

This is by far the most beautiful time of the year in our neighborhood.  The crocus and daffodils are spent and the dogwood trees are ripening to become the glorious masses of blooms almost too beautiful to soak in.  Red bud trees are in bloom as is the Bartlett pears and the forsythias.

Virginia Bluebells
Red Bud
Take a walk with Brian and me and we will snap some pictures to share.
French Lilacs
Burke WoodieViburnium
White Dogwood
Red Dogwood
I look at these things and hope is renewed.  I wish you a lovely Sunday too.  We continue to pray for our nephew Jacob as he recovers in the ICU in Indianapolis and for our friend Judy and our daughter-in-law who lost their Father and husband in the past days.

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