Surgerical Proceedure Success this Week

Tuesday the 18 was the long (at least it seemed so) awaited day for my husband Brian's "ablation" procedure.  This is a specialty of Dr. Bedi of the Deaconess Heart Group.

We were told it would take between 4-6 hours normally and was completed in 3 1/2 so we were relieved and happy at the conclusion when we were told he did great and things were fine.

Molly's Master
He is a little grumpy, normal for a Cosby or probably any male having had to have gone through this.  But he is good otherwise.  It is my opinion it is mostly due to the wearing off of all of the medications.

Dad and Grandpa
We are all so happy to have gotten through this and thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers.

We are so very grateful for the Grace of God and his healing,  all of the staff and doctors at the Deaconess Heart Hospital, and Dr. Bedi.

Today  September 21st is our 39th wedding anniversary and I am very grateful to have him here.


Sue said...

My husband had this procedure 3 years ago-very successfully. We're glad to hear your husband did well. Good luck!

Diane Cosby said...

Thank you so much Sue. We really have never known of anyone who had it and don't know what to expect. I have cut back the salt, butter, and cheese and it is just a new situation although he does not have cholesterol per say you have to think about a heart healthy diet. Thank you again for sharing. I feel better already!!