Thanksgiving Countdown 10 Days and it's GO Time for Prep. Starting with Spice Inventory & Making Sachets.

Many times in the past I have gone to prepare things and not had the spices I need.  That has changed over the years.  I keep a good supply of most everything.  I find the best and most economical places to purchase are Asian markets, which I love!  When it comes time to "inventory" I use the older spices for making sachets.  So this morning first thing I pulled open the doors and drawers and my Mother's old blue spatter dishpan and mixed up a batch for closets and drawers.

I found whole Anise, Whole Clove, whole Bay leaves,  green Cardamon seed, and Cinnamon sticks. After dumping a portion of each into my dishpan and stirring to combine I was almost ready!  The room filled with the lovely scents and my spirits were lifted.

Next I cut double layers of cheese cloth into about 7-8" squares and 14" sections of butcher twine.  You can use ribbon and trim back the cheese cloth if you like but these are just going in the back of my closets so no need in this case.  The clove and bay leaves are said to repel moths and the like so that is also a big plus.

Next I placed a big spoonful of the herbs and spices in the center of the cheesecloth and gathered up the corners then tied with the twine.

And I have 10 lovely sachets for my closets and a good idea of any seasonings I need to replace as this Holiday season fast approaches!


Jessica Nunemaker said...

Wow! Looks like you are keeping busy. That's a great idea to get everything prepped and ready and try to cut down at least a little bit on time spent in the kitchen.

Wendy Phelps said...

Diane, I love this mix of spices. I think I said to you last year we should also celebrate Thanksgiving, well this year I am glad we don't. Far too much to organise this time of the year. I haven't started to shop for Christmas yet and with Deacon here everyday I am going to have to find hiding places when I do. I am not enthusiastic about this year. It is too close to the anniversary I am not looking forward to. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family, sending best wishes, Wendy