Little Pies, Pecan and Cherry

I could not sleep Saturday/Sunday night so at 3:30 AM I just got up and got busy making what my husband had requested for Sunday Dinner, individual desert pies.  Little ones 3-4" across the top. 

The recipes are all here just use the finder box should you want them.  I was just having fun messing around!  The tin foil pie pans were handy so I just got after it and in no times I was taking out 6 little pies.  Three each pecan and cherry! Yum!

We have been so very busy lately it was really just plain fun to make these and they were delicious! They just hit the spot with our son Mike and granddaughters Emily and Kate!  Felt good doing for fun rather than because I could or should!

Actually one top crust will make two small pie shells and a recipe for filling for an 8" pie will fill three little pans!  So go have some fun should you be so inclined!

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Jeannette said...

Well I wish I could have come right over! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I hope trading sleep for pies doesn't happen too often...but once in while, oh yeah!