How to chop onions with no tears!!

Today I read a really cute and entertaining blog on the perils of chopping an onion complete with illustrated running black mascara. It occurred to me that in the busy Holiday season a lot of onions are being chopped and it might be helpful to someone if I share the best method I have ever found.
It really does work quite well and I do not know where I learned it. I quite possibly have forgotten more than I know so I had better share quick before this is gone too!!!! HA HA!!
Start by removing only the tip portion of the onion and peeling back the top layers of the paper to the root. DO NOT CUT THE ROOT. Just pull back to it. Then after you completely have encircled the onion grasp all the petals and pull them down off the bottom of the root base.
Next halve the onion with one cut through the center of the root. Set a half on its side and slice to, but NOT through, the root portion.
Slice the onion trimming around the root but never cutting it further. The main thing here is don't cut yourself!!
Don't cut through the root section. Trim all around the root section but stay out of the 1/2 to 3/4" portion directly above the actual root.
First cut vertically, then slice, then lay the last portion over and finish slicing and trimming.

This little section contains most of the oils that are released if you cut into it and make you tear up and cry.
You can trim around the edges and not waste any onion just avoid the thickened portion directly above the root base. Happy chopping!! I hope this is helpful.


Revi said...

I will give this a try! Found this on pinterest, and I'm going to follow you. :)

Diane Cosby said...

Thanks. It really does work for me. Hope you visit often and enjoy!!