Christmas Cactus Blooms and Friendship Amaryllis Bulbs

The absolute worst thing about "after Christmas" is the gray, depressing days that seem to go on forever. Or so it seems to me!! The tree droops, there are leftover treats, just a few, too good to waste but I am quite tired of them. The sky seems to give birth to endless dark clouds and there is nothing green, no sign of life.
Then it happens. Bright fuchsia blooms appear like magic on the Christmas cactus and I remember........plant the Amaryllis bulbs I have stashed away in the closet until after Christmas. The seed catalogs will be coming soon. As welcome as the toy catalogs were in our childhood. The Amaryllis will soar quickly and I will feel I can almost see them grow!! They they magically bloom huge multiple blossoms on sharp spikes two feet tall. My best friend sends them to me each year as only a best friend would.
This reminds me as I look toward the darkest days of winter yet to come that spring is really just around the corner and my Christmas cactus is in bloom as is my friendship.

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