Sewing Baked Potato Bags, Sleep Sacks, Tote Bags, and Stuffed Mice

I have been toiling with the fact I do other things besides cook as does everyone and there are times I have much more interest in other things.
Since I started this blog I spent a good deal of time sewing. Not necessarily for me but I have made a whole collection of tote bags. Which I have mostly given as gifts.
I have made tons of rice bags. These are filled with rice and sometimes essential oils are added for a special fragrance. This year one of my daughters-in-law gave them as Christmas gifts to the doctor and nurses at the medical office she works at. I made something like 14 total and had requests for more. You can heat them in the microwave and they hold the heat very well with no electrical cord to mess with plus it can be wrapped around or scrunched up to anyplace that needs a bit of warmth.
Over the last year I did a big Christmas stocking project and since Christmas have finished an embroidery project of lace edged pillow cases and started another in cross stitch. I also made cute little potato bags for fluffy baked potatoes in the microwave oven.
I made dozens of zippered sleep sacks for my grandsons in their first two years and have mended and repaired lots of clothing for my granddaughters. I made a few rice bag toys and a silk purse.
Currently I am interested in felting and am in the beginning of making some little blind mice and perhaps the three pigs.

At any rate I am wondering if I should start an additional blog or incorporate all my "stuff" into this one?? Say maybe adding a sewing and a felting drawer to my pantry???
I really do enjoy taking all of the pictures for the blog. It is the most fun of all. Just because I had to learn to do these new things with my new camera and on the computer and then again on the new computer.
I also like to sketch and watercolor a bit.
So if you have an opinion and would like to share it I would like to hear it.


Merut said...

It's your blog. Make it your own. Plus it is a lot of work to try and maintain more than one blog. I love rice packs! My fiance's grandma makes them for us every year.

lily said...

Thanks a lot for an insightful comment. You are probably right now that I think about it!!!! Your light is shining brightly this morning. Hats off to your fiance's grandma. Us Grandma's like to be useful too.

Anonymous said...

I think sharing some of your other interests is a great idea. I love the mice! and think your grandchildren would love them as well. Add some scents to them and they would make wonderful air fresheners (if you can do that). The potato sacks are a neat idea and so are the rice bags. I would love to know how to do the rice bags. I am sure you have a lot of good ideas! I think I recall you mentioning somewhere in your blog about the three little pigs. I bet that would be really cute as well! C-

lily said...

I have added essential oils to the rice bags. It works fine. I am happy to tell you how I make the rice bags. Use 100 percent cotton and wash it and dry it before you start. Use a medium weight fabric. I make then about 14" x 22" finished so cut larger to allow for seam allowance. I put 3-4 pounds of rice in. I buy the rice in 25 or 50 pound bags at Sam,s club. Just put the right sides together and sew leaving about 5" opening. Fill and turn it under on both edges and machine stitch closed.

lily said...

Oops....forgot to tell you how to heat the rice bag. It will vary depending on how much rice you use. I generally heat in the microwave for 6-7 minutes. The beauty of them is you can wrap the bag around where ever you want to apply the heat and there is no cord or plug to worry with. You will be surprised at how long the bag retains the heat. Some people like to use at the bottom of their bed for cold feet others for aches and pains.

Tammy Gallian said...

Instructions, material to make potato bags please?