More Stitches, Tea Cozy, Stuffed Mice, & Cuddle Bunnies.

Gees......I have had to keep myself entertained with all the snow and cold or else I would just go nuts or get down in the dumps about some something that I can't quite put my finger on.
So I have taken up felting and thus far have only used the wool sweater in warm soapy water method. I visited a local second hand shop and found several 80% + wool sweaters at $2.00 each so it was an inexpensive trial and it worked well. Just threw them in the washer on warm wash cold rinse with a bit of laundry detergent and ran them through the cycle. I partially dried them in the dryer then let them finish air drying. I had wool felt and could proceed. I made the tea cozy and mice. It works well and was lots easier than quilted cozies I have previously made. Mice are CUTE!!
While at the second hand store I also purchased wool skirts and blazers and did the same process. It isn't felted but I like the idea of making stuffed animals out of the menswear type of fabric and the price is right.
So brown bunny's with fuzzy white fur tails were born!!
While I am playing around with my critters my husband sees an opportunity to get his long johns mended. Thus some are way too far gone and they too became bunny's. REALLY SOFT and cuddly bunny's!!
They do have the look though of Lamb Chop a lamb Sherri Lewis used in her act when I was a girl.....It was a fun week and I have found more free patterns online so I am sure there will be more to come. There are quite a few on Martha Stewart's website. Others you have to look a bit harder for.
I know my granddaughters will want bunny's too but I am thinking they need to a bit more "GIRLIE".

I see another trip to the second hand store!!

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