Homebrew Beer Episode 3, Bottling the Brew.

Sunday afternoon we got busy and performed the final stage of the beer brewing project. ( Except of course the very last chapter,  tasting and consuming it! )

After washing and sterilizing all of the caps, bottles, and equipment needed to bottle Brian got comfortable and we mixed the final special sugar. He dissolved the sugar in 2 C. of warm water and stirred it into the brew.  Basically it was an ounce of the special finishing sugar to a gallon of the brew and it combines with the yeast and results in the natural carbonation.  That is if you get everything right!!

Brian sat on the kitchen floor and filled each bottle then handed it off  to me and I caped and packed the bottles back into the cases.

He then marked each cap as our first batch so we would know what we had should we proceed with additional batches of different beers.  The really tricky part of this is you keep edging along not knowing if the batch is any good.  Did we mess something up along the way?  We can't know until the end.

The bottled beer will sit in the house at room temperature for a couple of days then be moved down into the cool garage for 1 or 2 weeks before tasting.  Mark, Brian's brewing friend says it is good after a week but better after two.  Guess time really will tell.

YES.  THIS TURNED OUT GREAT.  WE ARE SO EXCITED!  A friend of Brian's who has done this for years says it is terrific.  The only advice he offered was to put just a little bit less in each bottle.   We are tickled to death and have started a new batch.  More to come later......


P.j. said...

If you hear pings coming from the basement it's probably the caps popping off, like Brian's first attempt at home brewing. ;-)

Diane Cosby said...

Yes, I heard about that. I have been staying with him for that very reason. (Hoping to stay on the instructions to the letter.) I don't even drink beer!!

P.j. said...

I don't drink it either--just never wanted to because of the smell. But even if it doesn't turn out well enough to drink, you could probably use it to make some of your beer bread! :-D