Gingersnaps and 12/12/12 the bed is finally back together!

I may well remember this day, not just because of the uncommon alignment of the numbers composing the date but because on this day I finally got what should have taken maybe and hour took me 4 days to complete.   Am I getting old or was this just a fluke?   I take solace that my eyesight is good,  my mind clear,  and my trigger finger is strong. 

Betty Crockers' Cookbook
Gingersnaps if you are inclined to like sweet spicy cookies that are crisp around the outside and a bit chewy in the center are quite delicious and this is far and away the best recipe I have ever found.  I like them better than Ina Garten's ultimate Ginger cookie.  This is a repeat of the recipe I have already given and continue to bake each fall. As you can see the old worn Betty Crocker Cookbook has yellowed with age and is stained from wear and usage.

Finally got these big old rails in place!
You can see the blocks for the slats.
Antique beds are snugger and require a bit of easing to fit.
At last all together.
Both guestrooms have been readied with clean, warm and fuzzy flannel sheets.  Soft quilts and warm blankets cover them.  The quilts are made by my Mother of my late Grandparents clothing and my late Father's shirts, all softened by repeated washings.  Or some were made by my husbands Grandma Ruby,   Soft cozy store bought and home made stuffed animals adorn them for my Grandchildren.  These same animals always have greeted Emily and Katie as they now do Jack and Sam.  I don't think adults mind either to tell you the truth as it is a lot like going home to my Grandmother's house in Loogootee, Indiana was all those many years ago.

Note:  Our parents grew up 5 miles apart on farms between Loogootee and Haysville, Indiana.  Both had upstairs bedroom's with big old beds adorned with quilts and comforters made by family members.  This oak sleigh bed is exactly like the one at my Grandma's house.

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