Freezing Chicken Pot Pies with Red Potatoes and Vegetables

Our household is trying to get back to some degree of normalcy.  Brian has slept the last two nights better than in previous days which does wonders for both of us.  So, yesterday I started to finish some of the tasks on my "to do" list.  It is a doozy of a list and it is long past my thinking and needs to be done!

Chicken pot pies do not commonly call for potatoes but since I had a few to use up I added them to my recipe.  They are red potatoes and are waxy rather than fluffy and starchy which leads me to think they should be more likely to freeze without becoming mealy.  So we shall see.  I will report back in this posting if this does not prove out as I intend.

Ingredients for Freezing Chicken Pot Pies with Red Potatoes:

2 free range chickens cooked with skin and bones removed and torn into bite sized chunks
4 carrots diced, about 3 cups
4 stalks of celery diced, about 3 cups
1 large onion diced, about 1 1/2 cups
3 medium red potatoes diced, about 2 cups
1 pound bag of frozen peas , about 3 cups
1 stick of butter
2 quarts chicken stock
1/2 C. flour
2 t. salt
1 t. pepper
2-4 chicken bouillon cubes to fortify stock to taste
1 recipe pastry for 5 pie crusts (freeze any remaining for later use if needed)


4 C. all purpose flour
1 1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) very cold butter cut into dice size pieces
1/2 C. Crisco
1 t. salt
1 T. sugar (optional)
1/2 C. ice water
1T. vinegar
1 egg

Whisk the dry ingredients together and add the cold butter and shortening using a pastry cutter until the mixture is well combines and the lumps are about the size of peas.  Using a fork beat the egg into the water and add the vinegar.  Pour into a well you have made in the center of the bowl of flour.  Stir together until combined then flour your hand and knead until the pastry forms a ball.   Divide the dough into fourths or fifths and pat into smooth, round, flat disks.  Wrap each disk with waxed paper or plastic wrap and drop all of the disks into a plastic bag and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or up to 3 days or freeze.

Chicken Filling:

Melt the butter in a large heavy bottomed pot.  Add the diced vegetables and cook over medium low heat until they are soft, stirring every few minutes.  About 10-15 minutes.  Add the flour and continue to stir and cook.

Add the stock and stir and cook until thickened.  Add salt, pepper, and bouillon stirring to dissolve in the mixture.  Add the chicken and peas and heat through.  Make any adjustments as needed in the seasoning.  Ladle the filling into freezer/oven safe dishes and fill.  Roll pastry and cover.  At this stage you can cut slashes in the crust for the steam to escape or wait and do before you bake them.  Wrap in heavy duty foil and quickly freeze.

To serve remove from the foil and place dish on a baking tray place in a preheated 400 degree oven for 1 hour for individual serving dishes.  For larger dishes add more time to ensure the dish is cooked through at the center.  Just check and adjust baking times.

This recipe yielded 6 single portions and 2 double portions or 10 large servings.  This can also be baked in pie plates or in 9"x13" casseroles.

I like to use large handled soup mugs and it makes a nice portion for an easy dinner on a cold winters night!  Enjoy!  I am ready for the cold wind to blow now.

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