Rump Roast, Angel Food Cake and a Big Green Salad for Sunday Dinner. I am sticking with tried and true recipes this week.

Thin sliced cold rump roast makes wonderful sandwiches!
Over the last few days Thanksgiving preparations have continued.  Today I spot cleaned the carpet and used all of the egg whites from the Thanksgiving  noodles to make an Angel Food cake for Sunday Dinner.  I am trying to come up with a place to hide Christmas presents for the Grandchildren that they would not stumble across too!  Here is the link to my favorite Angel Food cake recipe.

The cake plate above is very special to me.  Emily and Katie made it for me as a gift some years ago and it is large, flat, and is decorated with both of their hand prints and finger prints and it says"Grandma's Helpers".  Mighty awesome!

Lazarus' Cheesecake
There was a text message this week asking me to bake cheese cake for a birthday gathering and desserts for a Christmas party too,  So, the cheesecake is ready and will be picked up tomorrow.  I always make an extra cheese cake as backup when I bake for someone else.  I have the extra one put back wrapped and ready for Sunday also.  Here is my best cheese cake recipe link.

This is the cheesecake recipe from the old Lazarus Department store restaurants and has the sour cream topping.   You can also add fruit or it is wonderful as it is from the oven.  There are also several variations.

Today I also prepared a rump roast for Sunday dinner.  I especially like to roast them, wrap them in foil, and refrigerate them before thinly slicing.  I can slice them much more easily when they are cold.  They will make great roast beef sandwiches "Au Jus."  And, here is our favorite rump roast sandwiches recipe link.

Our granddaughter has a new collage room mate and she is bringing her for dinner tomorrow too.  I think I will fix a couple of chicken breasts too in case someone prefers chicken to beef.  So, I have been very busy but not using any new recipes.  Just sticking with the tried and true favorites.  I hope you will try one of these and enjoy them too!

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