Pre-Spring Cleaning. Just start with a drawer!

Battery drawer!
Frustration is my companion because I have arrived at the determination that my husband and I live in a 2000 square foot closet!  This has been driving me so nuts!  I have lamented over where to start and how to, and where to put,  and on and on.  Finally last week I thought to just start with a drawer or two, or three per day, and get moving on this project.  This morning I completed my 20th drawer and it feels so good!  I am certain when the drawers are done the closets will be an easy next step.

No, we do not live in a messy un-kept house.  We have just accumulated too much stuff over the more than 35 years we have lived here.  I know there are cloths we will never wear and stuff galore that needs to go to someone who can use it or to the trash.

I know how much easier it is to live with ease when things are organized and all like items are together.  I probably have found batteries in 5 drawers and crayons in as many too!  But now they are all together and I know just where they are! 

A tidy organized drawer.
Now when I open the kitchen drawers they glide easily and are not over stuffed and catching.  All of the seldom used items are in a less convenient drawer and I am really way more excited about this small deed than I would have ever guessed.

There are big things that will need to happen before I am done but the first hurdle has been cleared.  I quit thinking about it all and just started.  After all, if you think you can you do.  If you think you won't you don't.  I have started and hope to be dome by Easter!

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