The Chocolateberry Cake & Assorted Cupcakes

Dilemmas call for creativity!  I need to make a cake that is half chocolate and half strawberry and I need German Chocolate cupcakes and Strawberry cupcakes made from the remaining batter not used in the layers. 

After doing constructs in numerous ways in my head I have settled on a couple of things.  First I am going to use  boxed cake mixes for this project because it is way too much trouble otherwise plus my German chocolate cake recipe is ENORMOUS and makes 3 big layers!  Box cakes are much more predictable and precise size wise!


1 German Chocolate Cake mix
1 Strawberry Cake mix   
1 can of Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting
1 can of Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
1 can of Strawberry Frosting
1 can of Coconut Pecan Frosting

First follow package directions baking one 9" layer of each flavor and a dozen cupcakes.  After removing the layers from the cans and cooling completely.  Slice each layer in half and frost to make a half chocolate and a half strawberry cake.  Next join them with additional frosting (one chocolate frosted and one strawberry frosted)  into one two layer cake!  One side pink and the other side brown!  I used the Vanilla Butter Cream to affix the 2 halves at the center.

NOTE;  To assure success I picked a plate with a slight concave center and dabbed about 2 tablespoons of the appropriately flavored frosting to adhere each bottom layer.  Placing the ROUNDED side of the cake down. After frosting the top of the bottom layer I placed the FLAT side of the second later atop and finished frosting. 

Here is the partially frosted cake, half chocolate, and half strawberry with the vanilla frosting cementing it at the center.
Next I used the Vanilla frosting on the sliced half of the layers and repeated the process above with the other half layers butting the second half of a cake against the Vanilla to affix into a round layer cake.

Frost half the German Chocolate cupcakes with Coconut Pecan frosting and half with plain chocolate.  Then finish the Strawberry cupcakes with the Strawberry frosting.  There you have it!  Something for everyone!  The Chocolateberry cake.

I am making this almost a week before I will be serving and so I like to place the frosted cake in the freezer and after it has completely frozen wrap it well with plastic wrap.   This will keep it perfectly until I thaw it the day it is needed.  Yield 1, 9" layer cake and 24 cupcakes.


Wendy Phelps said...

What a fantastic cake, you didn't explain why though. I'm just baking scones to have with jam and cream for some friends who coming over for morning tea, I love the smell of home baking. Best wishes wendy

Diane Cosby said...

Wendy, remember the note of a personal nature I left you? That is the reason I did not explain further. Please read between the lines on this one. My best. Dkc.