Sewing Repairs and My Winter Garden.

These blossoms are about 2" long!
Christmas week one of several of my Christmas cactus plants began blooming.  Now there are 3 in bloom!  What a spirit raising experience to have these beautiful fuchsia blooms with snow on the ground and an outside temperature of 7 degrees F.

A bud just opening.
The buds are just as lovely as the blooms and both last quite a long while.  I have started many of these and given them away.  The secret to them is they like to be, and bloom when they are root bound!

Amaryllis bulbs.
An additional treat is the amaryllis bulbs I started a week after Christmas.  I see buds and leaves shooting up in a large basket in the dining room!  Love to see these beauties in bloom too.  All of these cheer me on my way each day and I am off to do repairs and mending........

Sewing on a snowy cold day.
Brian has long underwear that the elastic is out of it, our granddaughter has a book bag for me to repair, plus there is my favorite pair of socks and then the fabric to be gone through and the quilt tops to work.  Lots of stitching is waiting to happen.  I basted the 3 pairs of long johns, (Easier to tear out hand basting than machine basting when checking for correct fit!) repaired the book bag, and darned the socks.  That is a start!

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Wendy Phelps said...

I have just got back into the sewing for this year, our kids all go back to school next week so life is getting back to normal after the Christmas break. I am feeling back to normal, thanks for your concern. I have three Zygo cactus and mine flower in Spring-Winter, they are beautiful when in full bloom, best wishes Wendy