Sewing Again, Selection is the Start!

I see a big bag of kitchen goodies in a cheery red bag!
Friday I went through every piece of fabric in the 6 large tubs of woven fabrics I have kept and separated them by color.  This will make projects much easier then randomly rummaging for fabric regardless of the project.  I need to get busy sewing and quilting now even though there is still a bit of cleaning to do.

I plan to start a special gift for my best friends recently married daughter. (I have known her since her birth!) The newlyweds reside in North Carolina and enjoy day trips to the city, beach, and she likes to fool around in the kitchen a bit too.  So I am planing a bright happy tote bag stocked with kitchen treasures. 

So, yesterday I made it and stocked it in my mind!  Next I went to the RED WOVEN crate of fabric and after touching every single piece of fabric, selected a red and white pillow ticking for the outside of the bag.  Then I choose a deep deep dark red with cream fine cotton print for the liner. My next challenge was to find the correct weight flat batting to place between the layers.  Happily it was in the first trunk I looked into!  In my mind I saw a big antique button as the closure held in place with red ribbon and red strapping for handles.  Easily these items were found and I am happy. 

After finishing the loads of laundry I had going I pitched the fabrics into the washer as is my habit ALWAYS to wash and dry all of my fabrics before I start cutting!  I am ready to start.

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