Grilled Watermelon Caprici Salad, Blueberry Coffee Cake, Making Cookies with the Twins, & Visiting Family has Rounded off my Week Away

Grilled Watermelon Caprici Salad
Wednesday of last week I headed north to Indianapolis as did our muddle son to our oldest son's home.  There were medical tests scheduled at IU Medical center Thursday and cookie baking on Friday.  All went very well and again I thank God for his goodness.

Jack decorates cookies.
Sam decorates cookies too.
Now Jack loves chocolate chip cookies and Same loves frosted cookies so we did two batches and of course there was plenty of help in the frosting of them!    Here are the links for the cookie recipes.


The most interesting new food I tried was a Grilled Watermelon Caprici Salad. It was delicious! Slabs of fresh watermelon were salted, peppered, and drizzled with honey then grilled!  Meanwhile a glaze of 1 cup of balsamic vinegar and 1/4 cup of brown sugar was mixed in a small pan and brought to a boil then simmered to a thick syrup consistency.

The grilled watermelon with the tomatoes and cheese.
After the watermelon came from the grill it was topped with cherry tomatoes of red and  yellow and tiny balls of fresh mozzarella cheese.  Next fresh basil strands sliced in thin were added and the balsamic vinegar reduction topped it all!  Wow it was so good!   Unexpectedly so!

Glazed Blueberry Coffee Cake.
Breakfast was a treat with fresh blueberry coffee cake and my two cups of black coffee.  I didn't get the recipe but I did snap pictures with my phone!

I also visited my Mother and enjoyed her delicious Hot Chicken Salad which I will share with you soon and Chocolate Pudding Cake.  Here is the link to the Chocolate Pudding Cake:

My sisters Linda and Sheree are both caring for family members at home and I visited them both too.

It was great to see everyone and I had planned to stop and see my brother Gary and Grandma Powell on the way home but had a dead battery and had to call AAA to get me going.  After that I was afraid to shut the car off for fear I would get stranded half way home!  So I didn't make those planned visits this time.

Actually I made it home fine yesterday and the car ran like a top.  Evidently there was a door ajar or something that ran down the cell as it is a new battery and checked out just fine!

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