Pizza and Pies for Sunday Supper.

Late Sunday afternoon our middle son called and they were on their way here from Indianapolis where they had attended the High School's band contest.  He said they would be picking up pizza and heading over to treat us for Sunday supper!  Soooo.......I hurried up and baked two of their favorite pies for dessert!

Two sticks of butter cut into dice and frozen.
Beautiful and delicious pie pastry from the processor.
I keep two sticks of butter cut into dice and in my freezer for times like these.  It is a fast start to Food Processor French Pie Pastry! And, here is the link for this favorite recipe!

We ALL love Buttermilk Pie!
And we love Pumpkin pie too.
Then to mix up a Buttermilk pie filling and a Pumpkin pie filling and bake.  And here are these links for the fillings.    and     If you do not care for bourbon, just leave it out!

We have a great supper with lots of catching up and conversation, good food, and very little mess!

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Wendy Phelps said...

Yummy these look so good. I hope you are safe and warm, I have just seen the latest news bulletin and see you guys have had a huge snow storm. My two girlfriends who went to the Quilt festival in Houston and then on to New York have just returned home. They have been lucky they missed the bad weather. Darren is is still with us, but he is not too good. Stay safe, my best wishes to you and your family, Wendy