15 More Pounds Down in the Slow Carb or 4-Hour Body Diet, Now a Total Loss of a Glorious 45 lbs.

Eggs and Tomatoes

It has been tough going lately but I was very happy this morning when I weighed and say more pounds gone without my even thinking about it or making any special efforts.  Perhaps I have just made piece with what has come to work for me?  I am happy if that is the case!  The tough going has nothing to do with eating but with the happenings in life to those we love.  But that being said it has kept me from the normal flow of things.  Here is the link explaining the program as it started.

Starting and stopping when I had lost interest I lost 30 pounds and never gained it back.  Recently I started up again and as of today have lost an additional 15 pounds so that is a total loss of 45 glorious pounds!  You may recall the essence of losing the weight is that I have eminent knee surgery in the future and I am trying to make this easier on ME.

Tomatoes and Eggs
The photo above is a tribute to my standby breakfast lately,  Eggs and tomatoes, tomatoes and eggs.  A lot of protein and a few calories.  Lest I be less than candid let me add that I do NOT spare the butter.  Yes, I do cook with pure and natural butter, especially when making eggs!

Scrambled eggs with asparagus and zucchini.
I find that eating 3-4 eggs depending on their size is a great filler and the protein carries me well into the day.  The tomatoes are because I love them!  I also rotate with adding sauteed shitake mushrooms and green onions to scrambled eggs.

I very very rarely drink any calories sticking to plain (reverse osmosis) filtered ice water for the past three years,  The exception to this is if we happen to eat out I will often order a plain with sugar Coke rather than drink the chemicals in the water I feel exist here.  I do NOT consume any artificial sweeteners or chemicals EVER if I can help it. 

Some of the easy changes I attribute the weight loss are I cook chili with no pasta but make it on the side with the shredded cheese for those who prefer it that way.  I never have to any big extent. 

I use a lot of onions and turnips and cut down on potatoes in soups and stews, which is delicious!  When I just have to have a piece of toast with butter I make rye bread toast which I love instead of white or wheat.

When you have the FREE day to enjoy anything you have a craving for or just want it makes life good.  For me, it is to the point now I don't even change much on the free day with the exception of adding dessert and potatoes to Sunday Dinner.  I also fudge a little buy running my FREE time from Saturday night to Sunday night.  This way if we happen to go out on Saturday night I can do what I want.  Often I stay on the program but I like to think I have the option.

Oven zucchini fries with horseradish sour cream sauce.
Truthfully we have discovered some new and delicious foods we truly love and I am excited to hand in there!  Here are the links to outstanding zucchini  recipes.

Zucchini spaghetti can either be microwaved with a little olive oil or dropped into salted boiling water 2-3 minutes depending on what you prefer.
You do need a mandolin to shred the zucchini into spaghetti like strands but it is well worth it!  The tender crisp and slightly sweet zucchini with the shiricha seasoned sauteed shrimp is killer good.
Topping zucchini shreds with sauteed shrimp in hot sauce is our favorite!
Many nights we have a green salad or Cole slaw with meat or fish which is an easy supper.  This has worked well and not caused any issues with the blood thinning medication Brian is on.  I just limit the greens to one cup and load in the other vegetables!

We also enjoy a lot of soups for suppers loaded up with vegetables, barley, mushrooms, and more so the longer I concentrate on this life style as they say the easier it gets.  Just saying......

Recently I went to the doctor with my husband and a new person introduced herself as the patient advocate.  Being a devotee of cynicism I jumped to the conclusion it was another step of the governments sticking it's nose in our business.  This still may be a correct case but she had screened Brian and found him to be  "pre" diabetic.  In the spiel that commenced and in her questioning it sounded like we have in the adjusting of our diet already done for the most part what she was recommending to avoid it's occurrence. 

Hope this encourages folks to make their diet work for them.  It seems to be working for us.

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Wendy Phelps said...

Well done Diane, an amazing effort, do you have a goal? I have to add that I love your choice of meals. I am trying hard to eat well, I gave up of sugery drinks and artificial sweetner three years ago. I love my morning coffee and drink water and the odd cup of tea during the day. Love, love tomatoes. I haven't planted my veggies this year, I'm just not home to look after them, something I miss. Darren is in the later stages of this terrible disease now. His surgeon feels he will be with us for Christmas but he could pass away at any time with a brain bleed. The tumor is now taking over, he has lost most of his speech, his memory is all but gone and he is incontinent. I still receive a big smile when he sees me and that is keeping me going for now. I have been so busy helping care for his little boys while my daughter-in-law still works. Her mum will take over for a week so I can have some rest. We laughed that we are a tag team now. Hope this finds you and your family well, my best wishes Wendy