NEW At Home Meat Slicer Makes Quick Work Slicing Meats, Cheese, and Bread Today

Browning Electric Slicer
My husband bought me a meat slicer a few weeks ago and today I planned to give it a real work out although I have used it a couple of times already with great satisfaction!  "The Academy" is a new sporting goods store that recently opened in Evansville and Brian being a guy was there straight away to check it out.  To my good fortune he happened to be thinking of the beef jerky I made him when he spied several home meat slicing machines.  He took a fancy to this BROWNING 7 1/2" 180 amp. electric slicer and purchased it for me.

Slicing beef using the safety guard.
Yesterday I placed a 4 1/2 pound rump roast in a covered cast iron dutch oven and roasted it to medium, then just left it to cool in the covered pan.  Next I wrapped and stored it in the refrigerator over night knowing it would be easy to slice cold.  After setting up the slicer It did a beautiful and quick job of slicing it to just the thickness I wanted.

Thin sliced rump roast make great French Dip sandwiches!
I like to slice it ahead and heat it back up in a covered casserole at serving time for French Dip sandwiches for tonight's dinner.  I cover it with the Au Jus then serve the seasoned cooking juices along side to dip the sandwiches into at the table.

Next I sliced the remaining half loaf of rye bread from earlier in the week.

Then I sliced Smoked Pepper Jack cheese and Colby Jack cheese making a platter to serve along side the French Dips!

Clean up was easy using a dry pastry brush to brush away the crumbs and a quick dishpan of hot sudsy water to wash the cutting blade, safety guard, and the slicing tray.  All in all it worked out great and as quick and easy! 

Blueberry Pie is a family favorite!
The menu for tonight's dinner is:  French Dip sandwiches on French rolls Au Jus, roasted potatoes, peas, and blueberry pie with cream.


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