Prayers for Healing, a Surprise Box, and an Unplanned Trip Started this Week!

There are more than a dozen, some quite old and dogeared cookbooks in this unforeseen gift box.
Brian came home Monday evening with his arms full carrying a big box and another bag along side!  He had stopped on the way home from work to speak with a fellow craftsman, John Wirthwein, whose specialty is wood and the refinishing of gun stocks.  Barb, John's wife sent me an unanticipated surprise, a box brimming over with old cookbooks.  Plus a big bag of apples and navel oranges their daughter had sent that was more than they could use.  What a thoughtful and appreciated surprise.  I hurried to the phone to call and thank her.

It will be great fun to thumb through these books and find their treasures to share.  Today is the last day with a forecast of warm (45 degree F) weather.  The days that follow are to be much colder with the promise of snow so I look foreword to "cozying" up with a "new" book!  Of course we will enjoy the fresh fruit too!

Grandma Powell
After we settled back down our middle son Mike called and invited me to join him on a road trip to visit his 94 year old Grandmother who is ailing and in recovery south of Indianapolis.  So next morning at 7:30 AM he dropped by for me and we were off!

It turned out to be a sunny and crisp day and not all that chilly.  We found her very happy to see us and enjoyed a visit of several hours.

She said she was just thinking how she wished she could speak with us and in we both walked.  She had the letter I had written her last week and was delighted I had written.  I promised to continue writing although I am not sure I carry much in the way of news!  Our oldest son also visits her weekly as do cousins who live in close proximity.

I always enjoy watching for hawks on the drive north and we spotted several both coming and going.
We arrived home before supper time and had a really nice day!

My 86 year old Mother is ailing too with a broken wrist she got when she fell on the ice three weeks ago Monday.   I got to see her the first weekend of this month.  My blessed sisters and brother are looking after her as she heals.  She has visiting nurses, therapy, and several more watching over her as she told me today and is doing well.  One of my sisters is taking her to a doctor appointment today.  She is blessed and fortunate so many live so close! They remain in my prayers.


We know that You, the God of hope, have filled us with all joy and peace in believing, so our families abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.  You are our God through all of our lifetime, yes, even when our hair is white with age.  You made us and you are taking care of us.  You carry us along and are our Savior. You have given us added years of life, as rich and full as those of many generations, all packed into one.  We have asked for healing for our beloved family members, so we believe we have received it and the healing is now ours. Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord of hosts:  the whole earth is full of Your Glory.  Thy will be done in Jesus Holy name. A-men

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