My Favorite Turkey Sandwich

Ready to serve turkey sandwich.
This turkey sandwich has long been a favorite of mine.  My Grandparents on my Mother's side raised turkeys for market for a number of years and what my Grandma could do with a turkey! But that is another story!  We were making them on white bread back then but today I am using oatmeal bread at 140  calories a slice.  Many calories less is rye at 140 for 2 slices and white wheat at 130 calories for 2 slices.  Significant saving, but I wanted oatmeal bread today!

Meat is always easier to slice cold.
Over the weekend I roasted a turkey breast I picked up on sale last week and also have almost a quart of luscious turkey broth put back in the freezer for another day.  I placed it after salting and peppering generously on a small rack and roasted at 325 degrees F in a covered cast iron dutch oven maybe 2-2 1/2 hours or so.  Next I allowed it to cool and slipped it into a large plastic bag and stored it in the refrigerator.

Lovely slices of turkey.
Today I simply pulled back the plastic and using a fillet knife sliced thin slices and removed the skin.

Ingredients for My Favorite Turkey Sandwich:

2 slices your favorite bread
1 T. mayonnaise or dressing of your liking ( I like Miracle Whip on this.)
lettuce washed and dried ( I washed and removed the stem from 1 large leaf of romaine.)
3-4 slices real turkey (Not processed.)

Slather dressing on slices of bread.  Add lettuce and top with turkey.  Add second slice of bread, serve, and enjoy.

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