Easy Make Ahead 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake Makes for "Ohhs and Awws!"

This is the easy way, I don't want to work at it, make ahead dessert to please young and old alike.  You have lots of options too!  You can use any cake or cookie base, any flavors of ice cream or sherbet, and optional sweetened whipped cream depending on just how far you want to go!

I would recommend using a spring form pan and parchment paper just for the sake of ease.  Or you could use saran or other strong plastic wrap.

You can bake your own cake or cookie layer in the spring form pan as directed or use a purchased cake you can trim to fit!  I recommend removing the cake from the spring form pan after it is totally cool and then putting it back when you start to assemble!

Make either a tall collar around the inside perimeter of the spring form pan or place layers of plastic wrap  tall enough to drape over the outside but pull up around the layers as they become taller than the sides of the pan.  After the cakes freeze solid they will be easy to pull away from the sides.  I would NOT put anything under the actual cake or cookie layer as you will leave the whole cake on the removable disk bottom of the spring form pan to serve from.  Just place the whole thing on a decorative flat cake plate to serve.  I found it easiest to cut with a large serrated bread knife.

Ingredients for My 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake:

1 box brownie mix baked in a 10" spring form pan (or your choice)
1/2 gallon each Bryer's  Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla ice cream (or your choice)
1/2 pint heavy whipping cream
2-3 T. sugar

After baking and cooling the brownie layer and removing it from the pan, reassemble the spring form pan and place the color around the perimeter and return the layer to the bottom.  Snap securely shut.

Using an electric mixer whip the cream adding the sugar a tablespoon at a time until it forms soft peaks.  Set aside.

Cut the cartons away from the ice cream one at a time.  Cut the rectangle into thick slices, about 5/8" thick or thereabouts.  Place the large slices down over the brownie first then cut smaller triangles and shapes to fit.  By now the ice cream has softened somewhat and you can press it out to seal the edges somewhat.

My first layer was chocolate.  Repeat the layers as above.  Next I used vanilla and then strawberry.
Be sure to add additional parchment as needed to form a tall tube as you go.  Frost the top with the whipped cream.  Drape plastic wrap across the entire top of the tube and set in the freezer at least overnight.  Longer is fine too!

Be sure you have made ample space in the freezer to place the completed cake.  Before serving you may want to further decorate with cherries, strawberries, chocolate curls or anything you can imagine!  This makes a large dessert, 12-16 servings depending on the size of your slices.  We had 11 for Easter dinner and there were 5 generous slices left to store.  I placed the single slices in individual plastic containers and stored them in the freezer.  Ready at any time to be enjoyed with no mess!

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Barb Oaker said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I have been wanting a nice make-ahead recipe.