Switiching My Diet Plan to Alton Brown's Today and Here is Why......Plus I took a Brisk Walk This Morning and Enjoyed the Blooms of Spring!

If you are going to walk this is my ideal time to start with the dogwoods blooming in our neighborhood! 
Life has it's way with us all and there are some big bumps along the way.  During those stress filled and often scary times I forget about everything including healthy eating and my diet. This past fall and winter has been a dilly for us.  I admit to envy for those who can't look at food under stress but I am not one of them.

I do love the plan I have had success with but I get tired of everything including diet plans.  So, I am switching as of today to Alton Brown's food list.  It is easy, makes sense and is not far off of what I have done in the recent past.  You get a once a week red meat, white starch, desserts, and alcohol day which is comparable to the "free day" in the old plan.

What I am totally drawn to is the fact that it calls for fruit every day and I need that.  My system requires it.  I can do this!

I started this morning with a walk at 7:30 AM.  There are some REALLY big hills here in my neighborhood and I was huffing and puffing but I feel all the better for having done it.  Years ago when I was in my early 40"s I walked up to 7 miles before going to work almost every day.

Then my aches and pains got the best of me and I quit.  Well I am thinking I can do a short walk 3-4 times a week and be none the worse for it.  Worst case it will require knee surgery sooner but what the heck!  This is not called for on this diet plan but I just want to do it!

I do love a good salad.
Here is Alton Brown's plan:

List 1: Foods to Eat Daily

Dark leafy greens
Green tea
Whole grains

List 2 Foods to Eat Three Times a Week

Sweet Potato
Oliy Fish

List 3 Foods to Eat Once a Week

Red Meat
White starch

List 4 Foods to NEVER Eat and Avoid at all Times

Processed Meats
Canned Soups
"Diet" anything

There are several sites online if you want more information.  Just Google  Alton Brown's Diet Lists as I did.  I did see him on TV some time back talking about this and giving the food lists so there is plenty of information out there if you are interested.

So after my banana and raisin bran breakfast and a walk I think it is time for a cup of that green tea I normally don't drink but gonna give it a try.  Later!


Barb Oaker said...

Good luck with your new eating plan. It sounds very nutritional and varied. My way of eating and dealing with food had to change about 7 years ago when I found out I'm diabetic. So far I have been able to avoid medication by eating right and getting plenty of exercise. I could improve in the exercise department, but so far so good.

Jade Graham said...

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