FESTIVE PARTY Scarves End this Sewing Project

Single Loop Glittering Metallic Purple Scarf.
Today I finished 6 festive party or special occasion scarves and two red paisley scarves.  This is the end of this current scarf session!  There are some I will wrap in tissue, box, and wrap as gifts, some I will keep for myself, and some I will place neatly in my "gift" drawer for later gift giving.
Double Looped Ice Blue Metallic Scarf.
What I love about them is the ease with which they change the whole look of an outfit.  Add a glittering metallic to a dark turtleneck and trousers and it becomes quite sheik.  Sort of Lauren Becall or Katherine Hepborn!
Single Loop black Velvet with Glitter Pattern.
Double Loop Black and Gold Metallic. (Side A)
Or wear with a skirt and sweater with a glittering scarf and again I see a very quiet elegance bursting through but with a loud whisper!
Single Loop Royal Blue Metallic Scarf.
One of the fabrics really stumped me.  I could not decide which side I preferred so I made two scarves, one of each side.  I will never know which side was meant to be the "right" side.
Black and Gold Double Looped Scarf. (Side B)
Really I have thought this to be great fun and I hate to say I am done!  I may have to make a few more?  We will see....If you would like directions to make one please click on the following link I am happy to share.
Silky and Lightweight Double Looped Red Paisley Scarf.
Tomorrow I round up lace and batting for a new project.  I will see you again with it I feel certain.

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GretchenJoanna said...

Those are really pretty! My cousin gave me an infinity scarf with a beautiful, though not glittery, design, and I haven't worn it yet. But you encourage me that it is probably just the thing I often need to perk up my image. :-)