Infinity Scarf (Circle) Large Double Loop in 2 Widths and Fabrics.

Both fabrics are in the same color family but one is smooth and glistening and the other is ribbed with a shimmer.
This double looped scarf would be lovely to set off any neutral color.

The ribbed texture of this double looped scarf really gives it a different appearance.
The first Infinity (Circle) Scarf I tackled measured  12" by 60" overall to start and turned out very nicely.  See "Sew an Infinity (Circle) Scarf", posted 11/3/12.   It made a single loop.  This time I have been pondering how to enlarge to a double loop.  I had 2 more beautiful pieces of fabric laid out and laundered that are a lightweight knit, both robin egg blue but of different textures.  One is for my sister Linda's birthday and the other will go into a box I have made up of goodies for my best friend Diane.

It seems to me 90" would be a suitable length to form into a circle and then be able to double the loop with enough slack to further knot if desired.  The width of 15" again would be fine but I may do one scarf a bit wider, say 18-19 " just for a change.

Because the fabrics are not 90 inches wide or long and I have determined that is the length I want to start at I am going to use two cuttings and seam them for the overall length.

The first scarf is made of two cuttings 15" x 45".  Sew one 15"  end to the second piece right sides facing with a 7/8" seam using a stitch suitable for knit fabric.  Now you have one piece of fabric 15" x 90".

Fold the fabric in half RIGHT sides facing each other and pin the long edge together.  Mark the fabric 4" from the ends as you will NOT sew here.

Starting 4" from the end sew a 7/8" seam along the long edge on the WRONG side of the fabric.  STOP 4" before you get to the end,  Turn the tube as if it were sock so the RIGHT side of the fabric is now on the outside.  Pin the two remaining 15" ends together, RIGHT sides facing each other then sew a 7/8" seam to close.  After finishing this step all that is left is a 8" opening.  Fold the seam allowance down and pin the seam closed.

Slip stitch the opening closed by hand.  This makes a nearly invisible closing for the scarf.

The second scarf is done the same way except I increased the width of the panel to 19" for a bit more width to the finished scarf.

I hate that I don't have anyone available to model these terrific scarves!


Myrna said...

Your chairs make lovely models. Beautiful scarfs. Hope Hubby is doing better.

cowgrl said...

your tutorials are the best! I really appreciate the time they take with all the great pictures and details. I need all the help I can get! last time I sewed with knit it was stretchy and came out a bit crooked :(

Diane Cosby said...

Well thank you so very much!!! Your comments make me try to do an even better job on my next one!!