NO MESS, Roast Chicken and Vegetables

It was a rainy day, tired and sore from yesterdays marathon day and evening of activity.  Really not in the mood to mess.  My go to diner on days like this is often to grab my favorite pan.  A half sheet baking pan I use for so many things!!  I cover it with extra wide heavy duty aluminum foil and drizzle it with olive oil for starters.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. and assemble these ingredients:

2 large chicken breasts on the bone with skin
olive oil
washed potatoes cut into wedges, about 2" x 1 1/2"  with or without the skins
peeled carrots cut on the bias about the size of the potatoes so they cook in same time
optional fresh green beans or any other veggie you have on hand

Blend these seasonings together in a small bowl or a teacup and set aside.  I save for the next time any unused portion.

1 T kosher salt
1 t black pepper
1 t garlic powder
1/2 t lemon pepper

Wash and dry chicken.  Place them on the olive oiled pan and turn them a couple of times to coat well or drizzle with additional oil if needed.  Season them well on both sides and move them to one end of the pan bone side down.  Toss the potatoes and carrots together in the oil and season them lightly.  Spread them evenly across the rest of the pan and place in the oven.  I set the timer for 30 minutes.  At the end of 30 minutes I turn the chicken and the vegetables.  If I am adding another shorter cooking vegetable I add them now and return to the oven for 30 more minutes.  I added 1/2 pound of fresh washed and broken green beans tonight.  When the timer rings diner is served.  I pitch the foil and put my favorite pan back in the drawer!!  The chicken is always moist and flavorful,  the carrots are just starting to sweeten and the potatoes have browned ever so nicely.

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