Cinnamon Apple Jelly

Cinnamon Apple Jelly
Today I am committed to accomplishing something as I feel a bit better and have grown weary of feeling whinny although I don't think I actually did the whining....feeling it is gross enough!!!!

Last evening I got everything together as I am having difficulty getting me going these past mornings and I thought it wise to give myself a step up by prepping ahead.  So....I got up to 10 pounds of fresh picked Golden Delicious apples in the big end of my newly scrubbed sink and a 10 pound bag of sugar sitting by the coffee maker!!  I also had a new gallon jug of fresh apple cider brought up last night from the garage refrigerator to the one in the kitchen.  My jelly making kettle is the same one I use for apple sauce and apple butter and it stands clean in the dishwasher.  Pectin sits waiting in the pantry closet as do several packages I have hoarded of red hot candy!!  So I have no excuses and I am off and running.

This jelly recipe comes from my sister Linda in Fishers, In. and is one of my very favorites.  We have both been jelly makers for years and have made this one for a very long time.  I have many times made it and gave it as a Christmas gift as has she.  It smells wonderfully with cinnamon as you make it and is just perfect on hot toast, cornbread, of biscuits.  It is great on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich too!!

Here's what you will need.  Preheat oven to 250 degrees F.

4 C. apple cider
1/4 C. red hot candy
5 C. sugar
1 box sure jell
1/4 t. butter

Hot clean jars and seals.

Start by assembling the jars and lids.  After I have washed and rinsed them well I line a half sheet baking pan with a clean kitchen towel and place the jars and lids upright on the towel and set the whole thing in a preheated 250 degree oven to hold them sterile.

Measure 5 C. of sugar and set it aside.

Place the cider, candy, and sure jell in a heavy bottomed kettle turned on medium high heat stirring until everything is dissolved.  Add the butter, this reduces the foaming.   Continue stirring until the  mixture comes to a full rolling boil and then add the sugar all at once and keep stirring.  When it returns to a full rolling boil time it for exactly one minute.  Remove from the heat and fill the hot jars leaving 1/2" head space. Quickly wipe any jelly from the edge of the jar and screw on the lid and band snuggly.  Turn the jars upside down for 5 minutes.  Right the jars and let them cool undisturbed.   You will hear the lids pop as they seal.  I usually leave them undisturbed for a couple of days before putting them away.  This batch yielded 4 one and a half cup jelly jars and 1 one cup jar.

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