I love old thing and have collected odd pieces and odds and ends for years. None of it is necessarily worth anything to anyone but me. Many of the items have a story behind them so I have thought I might start showing some of the pieces and telling the story of how I happened to come by it so down the road if it goes to someone else when I am gone they will know about it. The first picture a large French plater in the very back that I fell in love with and purchased at a shop in Newburgh. The gravy boat was a gift from Brian's Mother and the white terrain a gift from Grandma Powell. All of the other pieces were Mary Lou's.
I also think it is an important part of a families history to know about the folks who passed before them and that a little dish you have may have been in the family for generations. The second photo pictures a childs cup hanging ans well as a platter and terrain, all from Mary Lou. The smaller oval platter at the end was given to me by my Mother, Joan Neukam Burress.
Old pieces of white Ironstone were collected by my late Mother-in-law Mary Lou Ruble Cosby. Many of my pieces are from her and some I found at shops here in Newburgh. Some of them are in use in the kitchen and some are in the cabinet in the living room and are mostly to enjoy as it is lovely just to see them on display.
The next photo shows a treasured cake plate given to me by my best friend of many many years, Diane Begley Goss. There is also a beautiful blue and white lidded dish from Grandma Powell.
Lastly are pictured two wash basins. Actually I have three. The two pictured were given to me by Grandma Powell and the third one, all white is from Mary Lou. I enjoy these old things. They comfort me and are like old friends. The people from whence they came share our home with us because when we see them their memory is with us.
I may share more of my "stuff" as time goes along. Right now I am downstairs where I keep a wall of family photos and enjoy them as I type away this morning. I encourage people to collect things and enjoy the history behind them.
Some of the photos are very old, other not so much. I love them all.

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