Dill Rye Bread and Tuna Salad

Dill Rye and Tuna Salad Plate

I don't remember a three day weekend where Brian and I haven't either had company or gone someplace, this might be a first in our lives. Currently he is out riding around on the lawn mower and I just finished making the dough for a loaf of Dill Rye Bread.
Dough sticking to the bottom of the bowl, add flour.
I was thinking if I just made up a big bowl of tuna salad and a loaf of rye bread it would take care of our lunches for the next few days. So, the tuna is made up and chilling in the refrigerator and the bread is about 15 minutes into it's first rise.
Dough is correct, not sticking to bowl.
The recipe is quite like the one for Onion Rye Bread, posted on 5/22/11, but I took much better photos this time!! Actually I just added 2 T. dill weed to the same recipe to make the dough.

I am a bit concerned though and I wanted to be sure to show you a good photo of how the dough should pull completely away from the bowl during the kneading time. It is important to either add water or flour until it reaches this point. Then your dough is right and after the kneading time is complete you are good to start the first rise.
Prep the bowl for the first rise.
The bread has really had good success by my filling a large old Yellow Ware Crock with really hot tap water, emptying, then drying it, and lastly oiling it well before placing the dough in for the first rise.

Tuna salad:

3 pkg. light tuna in foil packet
2 T. minced sweet onion
4 T. diced bread and butter pickles
pinch of black pepper
1/2 C. mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (I like both)
enough pickle juice to slightly moisten the salad
optional 1-2 had cooked eggs
2-3 T. finely sliced celery

Mix all ingredients together well and refrigerate until serving time.

Enjoy alone, with other fillings or toasted for a real treat. bread bread salad

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