Doggy Bed for Molly

Molly in her new bed.
Bless Brian's heart. He bought a terrific dog bed for Molly last weekend. He was really tickled she liked it as only a "guy" and his "bird dog" can be....if you know what I mean.

Lo and behold he was not so amused when she chewed the zipper into and ate a good portion of the stuffing after chewing through the end of the pillow portion. Yes it was waterproof and washable and had a lovely fleece topper. we learned with our little grandsons who chewed right through the zippers of their sleepers, little ones will be little ones.

So my theory is you can't get mad at a kid or a pup for being what they are. Kids and pups.

I set about to solve another harrowing incident here at the little house on the hill!!

Molly in repose.
We have a terrific striped blanket that has served us well for years and was beloved by Duchess and Suzie to the point they chewed a couple of holes in it while it was on our bed and so were they!!

The bed Brian bought was 28" x 38" and I could piece a cover to work. My thinking is to just put together a large fitted sham with an overlap in the back and no zippers or buttons to temp Molly.

Overlap closing needs no zipper or buttons.
With scissors in hand I set about to cut 3 pieces adding an extra inch for seams and using 2 pieces for the back and just turning each under 6" and overlapping them in the back as in a sham. I did double stitch all of the seams using a zigzag for stretch.

She loves it and it fits her "just right."

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