Flowers blooming today in our yard and our garden day 1.

Pink Rose Bush Chris got me one year.
Well last night Brian hurried home and set about to get the tomato sets we had driven to Washington, Indiana last Saturday to pick up planted in the ground!! Fast and furious he worked to get them in and it was great to have finally gotten something planted. I cannot believe I don't have the first annual planted yet. It has been this crazy weather!!

Then my neighbor came by today and we were talking about the things that have already bloomed and are gone. The lilac bush, the Burkewoody Viburnum and the rhododendron.
Brian loves Peonies
She said how much she enjoys the nature photos I post and that let to a further discussion of things she enjoyed in my postings.

So I am trying to include more of what I see on a day to day basis. The things I appreciate and am grateful for.  I may even include a prayer or two of thanksgiving as I am wholly Blessed.

I really love to see these little Alpine strawberries that grow in my flower beds. The birds love them too.

This is the stepping stone Katie and Emily made for Suzie in the front flower bed next to the rabbit with one broken ear!!
The smell of these roses called Don Juan is sweet hanging in this evenings air.
I love Iris' we had yellow Iris at home under two big old black walnut trees. Dad cut down and young tree and ran it between the two walnut trees and hung a porch swing. I spent many hours out on that swing.

This crazy Clementius is blooming all over a young dogwood tree. The Clementius has been there for years and not done much. Not till now anyway!!
We have big girls, big boys, and something else I don't recall.....a couple of cherry tomato vines too I expect. 

There are a couple of varieties of cabbage too.
I am hopeful.  I still have 3 or 4 bags of tomatoes in the freezer from last years crop. Maybe they will last us till these come on!! OH OH........I see bunnies.....

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